Dec 26, 2012 David Lang

TIP: Duplicate Tabs

Lightbulb In last week's series of posts on Rachel Weeping at Ramah, I shared a few tips and tricks for using the Accordance Bible Atlas. There are, however, a few more general tips I used that may be helpful to mention now. The first is simply that it is sometimes convenient to duplicate an existing tab rather than creating a new one.

In my case, I began with a tab displaying Matthew 2, and because I planned to display the text using a projector, I increased the font size to a very large size. I then wanted to have a separate tab for Genesis 35:16-20. If I created a new tab using the keyboard shortcut command-N, I would then have had to increase the font size of that tab in addition to navigating to the desired passage. Instead, I duplicated the first tab using the keyboard shortcut command-D. This created a new tab with the same font size. Had I customized that tab further with parallel panes or other style changes, those also would have been carried over into the duplicated tab. So all I needed to do was change the passage in that tab.

By duplicating existing tabs for each passage I wanted to show, I was able to put together a presentation with a consistent look very quickly. If you haven't discovered the convenience of the Duplicate command, be sure to give the keyboard shortcut command-D a try.

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