Jun 13, 2011 Darin Allen

The Dake Annotated Reference Bible At-A-Glance

As we continue profiling the Study Bibles from this month's sale, today we will take an at-a-glance look at the Dake Annotated Reference Bible.


Title: The Dake Annotated Reference Bible

Area of Focus: Outlines, Annotations, and Cross References

Contributors: Finnis Jennings Dake

Description: Finnis Jennings Dake produced these notes over a lifetime of studying the Bible. There are over 35,000 commentary notes, 500,000 cross references, and 8,000 sermon outlines. Exhaustive lists are pervasive throughout the notes, and are often helpful for discovering trends throughout Scripture. These lists cover topics such as "Forty-four Appearances of God" and "Twenty-two Predictions of God in Exodus 3-4."

Sample List from Genesis 42

Twelve Tests which Joseph Gave His Brothers

1. Making himself a stranger to them, accusing them of being spies (Gen. 42:7-16)

2. Threatening to keep nine of them in prison until the other one brought Benjamin (Gen. 42:16)

3. Putting all ten brothers in jail for three days so his servants could listen to their conversations and get information concerning his home and the events of the past twenty-two years, and to know their true attitude now concerning Jacob and Rachel’s children (Gen. 42:17)

4. Binding Simeon and keeping him in prison for a whole year, thus punishing him for his cruelty and perhaps for being the leader of the plot against him (Gen. 42:19-23; 43:23; cp. Gen. 34:25; 49:5)

5. Putting their money back in the sacks so as to test their honesty and to see if they were as covetous as they were when they sold him (Gen. 42:25-28)

6. Giving them hospitality to make them feel keenly his disappointment in them when they were accused of robbery after such good treatment (Gen. 43:16-34)

7. Giving Benjamin a meal five times bigger than the others, to see if they would hate and be jealous of another of Rachel’s children (Gen. 43:34)

8. Putting their money back into their sacks a second time, to see how they would answer when accused (Gen. 44:1-8)

9. Putting his personal cup in Benjamin’s sack, to see what the brothers would do if Benjamin were detained and imprisoned (Gen. 44:2-13)

10. Arresting them again and putting them on trial for returning evil for good (Gen. 44:2-17)

11. Accusing them of stealing from a palace, a crime punishable by death (Gen. 44:2-17)

12. By threatening to keep only Benjamin in prison for the crime, to see if they were as anxious to get rid of their father’s present favorite son as they had been to get rid of the one in the past (Gen. 44:17; cp. Gen. 37:2-28).


Twenty-five Things that Joseph Learned by the Tests:

1. His dreams of Gen. 37:5-11 were being fulfilled (Gen. 42:6; 43:26, 28; 44:14)

2. His brothers did not know him (Gen. 42:8, 23)

3. They claimed to be true men (Gen. 42:11)

4. Benjamin was alive and home (Gen. 42:13)

5. They thought him dead (Gen. 42:13; 44:20)

6. They felt guilty for refusing to have mercy on him (Gen. 42:21)

7. They thought they were reaping what they had sown (Gen. 42:21-22)

8. Reuben had pleaded for him, but the others would not listen (Gen. 37:21-22, 29-30; 42:22)

9. They obeyed and brought Benjamin (Gen. 43:16)

10. Jacob was yet alive (Gen. 43:28)

11. He was in good health (Gen. 43:28)

12. The identity of Benjamin (Gen. 43:29)

13. His brothers were surprised that he knew the custom of seating among Hebrews (Gen. 43:33)

14. They were honest in bringing back the first money (Gen. 43:21; 44:8)

15. They were willing to take blame and suffer for their sin (Gen. 44:16)

16. They felt that God was punishing them for their kidnapping crime (Gen. 44:16)

17. Judah was the one who had proposed selling him instead of killing him (Gen. 37:26; 44:18)

18. All his brethren were changed men (Gen. 42:22; 43:18-34; 44:9-34)

19. They recognized him as being equal to Pharaoh in power (Gen. 44:18)

20. Benjamin was now the beloved of his father (Gen. 44:20-22, 27-31)

21. Jacob’s belief was that Joseph had been torn by beasts (Gen. 44:28)

22. They had lied to Jacob about him (Gen. 44:28)

23. Jacob would die if Benjamin were missing (Gen. 44:31)

24. Judah would take the blame and be a substitute to suffer for Benjamin (Gen. 44:32-33)

25. They were deeply concerned for Jacob and Benjamin — not for themselves (Gen. 44:20-34)

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