Oct 29, 2018 Richard Mansfield

NEW! Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee

Thru the Bible 3D cover I fondly remember driving late at night between Kentucky and Louisiana in the early 90s going back and forth three or four times a year between seminary and visiting family back home. Well, it wasn’t the late night drive I remember fondly, but rather listening to J. Vernon McGee’s Thru the Bible radio broadcast. Granted, McGee probably wouldn’t have been accepted by my professors as a proper source for an exegesis paper, but I didn’t care. I enjoyed his wit and style; and although some would not agree with me, I even liked listening to his voice. He sounded like a family member—perhaps a grandfather or great uncle—not just delivering exposition of the Bible, but even better: telling stories.

Today, we’re releasing the Thru the Bible commentary series, based on McGee’s radio show, for the Accordance Bible Software Library.

When I first received McGee’s Through the Bible Accordance module a few days ago, I had to immediately look to see if it included one of my favorite “I can’t believe he just said that” statements. Sure enough, it’s there. The context is the story of Balaam and the donkey in Numbers 22. When I heard McGee make the statement that I have highlighted below, I remember laughing out loud, waking up my wife who was asleep in the car while we were driving.

McGee Num 22

The Accordance edition of McGee’s Thru the Bible includes all five volumes of the print series covering Genesis through Revelation. In addition to a paragraph-by-paragraph discussion of the Bible based on McGee’s radio show, the series also includes introductory sections for each book of the Bible and detailed outlines.

Thru the Bible - Win

J. Vernon McGee’s Thru the Bible is based on the King James Version, but Accordance users can place it in parallel with any Bible text or translation or just read it by itself (the KJV text is included throughout the commentary series). If you ever listened to McGee on the radio, don’t be surprised if you can “hear” his voice as you read this series. Just as McGee would often address his audience with "friend" on his radio show, that same address is repeated in Thru the Bible for Accordance. His personality comes through strongly in each passage. And even though this series was always aimed at “the person in the pew,” McGee has long been a favorite of many beyond that audience—whether publicly acknowledged or not!

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