May 27, 2011 David Lang

We've Got Your Back

This week we've been talking a lot about the needs of pastors and how Accordance helps meet those needs. Pastors of different traditions, temperaments, study habits, and preaching styles may have very different needs and so may rely on different features of the software. One pastor may depend heavily on Accordance's original language capabilities, while another may spend more time highlighting and taking notes, while still another may value the accessibility of commentaries and dictionaries. Whatever their particular needs, every pastor has one fundamental need which outweighs all the others: they need it to work.

We don't talk a lot about Accordance's stability, mainly because we think stability should be a given. When you develop software your users depend upon in their livelihood and ministry, stability and reliability have to be your top priority. We know you can't afford to deal with frequent crashes and lost work, so we make every effort to deliver software that is there when you need it and does what you need it to do.

One way we do that is by extensive testing before we release new versions and updates. First we test internally, then we release to our beta-testers. Lately, we've even made a few pre-release versions available to anyone who wants to try them. When we do release a new update to everyone, we have our programmers standing by to fix any glitches which may have gotten through. When problems are reported, we usually have a minor update ready in a few days. I'm extremely proud of the way our team works to keep you working and productive.

It's our way of having your back.

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May 31, 2011 2:30 PM

i must say you guys are very responsive!  and i think accordance is probably the most stable program i've ever worked with, excluding programs that are very costly!


bless y'all