Accordance Bible Software is one of the best investments a seminary student can make!

• I heartily recommend it to all my Greek students, masters, and doctoral students.

• For the advanced student/scholar, Accordance makes possible profound exegetical research by enabling complex grammatical searches in Greek and Hebrew texts; and for the beginner, it facilitates biblical languages learning.

• Preachers and teachers will find Accordance's graphics modules, maps, and timelines to be a goldmine!

• Itinerant and international workers can take their whole library with them and access these resources on their computer or iOS device.

• You can customize WorkSpaces for specific types of research; and users can even build their own tools and sets of user notes.

I would encourage every student beginning in ministry to start out with Accordance!


Dr. Deborah Gill

Chair of Masters Programs and Professor of Biblical Studies and Exposition, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and Evangel University

Accordance has been the game-changer for me as I work on my dissertation and begin my teaching career. It was great as a pastor, but it has been indispensable as a scholar! I recommend Accordance to all of my pastor-friends, students, etc. It's simply excellent on all fronts, including your commitment to updating the application regularly. I felt safe investing money in this software because I believe it will be around for a long time.

Ian Vaillancourt

Th.D. (Cand.), Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto

I have been a user of Accordance for many years, and I’ve learned that the right software can improve your study, empower your teaching, and give you access to an extensive library that would cost more than most of us could afford if purchased in printed form. As a student at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, as a youth pastor at Refuge Temple Church in Boston, and as a traveling evangelist, Accordance is a must-have!


Audi Lynch

"Reconciling a Generation to God"

I love using Accordance in the classroom! I used it tremendously throughout my PhD program. My dissertation topic was in the Aramaic Targums, and you guys have the most extensive targumic collection that I’m aware of, especially with the Neofiti marginal notes. Thanks for all the work you do, and I’ll continue to promote Accordance to my students!

Adam Howell

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies at Boyce College, The College at Southern

I have used Accordance for more than 10 years for personal Bible study and message preparation. I even used it when I wrote my first book, Strong and Courageous, A Survivor’s Facebook Journey Through Breast Cancer, and Accordance was one of my ‘go-to’ sources when preparing Running on Empty, A Personal Reflection Retreat Guide. Today, it continues to be a valued resource that I use on a weekly basis.


Drenda Howatt

Author and Speaker, Portland, Oregon

I always use the most updated version of Accordance. What I like? Fair pricing. Fairly simple to use with a little help from support. You can buy what you need and want. Better yet? While working on my Ph.D., it has helped tons! I have the Greek and Latin and Hebrew text in front of me all the time. The parsing is an excellent feature, especially since my primary goal is not to teach these languages, but to use them. I don't have to constantly review what I'm supposed to have memorized many, many years ago.


Floyd Schneider

Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies, Moody Bible Institute/Spokane, Washington

When I research the Bible for my AuthorTalk interviews, as well as for my own study, I use the software package that I think is the best in the business. It is called Accordance Bible Software, published by OakTree Software. If you are still digging through Bibles and resource materials one at a time the old-fashion way, then you are in for a treat. This software could become your best friend.​



Ron Way

Author of The Disciple: The Writing of the First Gospel, and Host of www.AuthorTalk.audio

I really appreciate the Accordance programme. I use it every week in sermon preparation. It is basically open on my desk top all the time. Being solidly based on the Greek and Hebrew Texts encourages careful exegesis. I’m only sorry that it was not available when I was at college and the years following for it makes working in the Hebrew text manageable in a busy parish ministry. Having the text of Scripture keyed into first class tools like the Bible dictionary enables me to travel to conferences with my library in my laptop.

Phillip Jensen

Dean of St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney

Accordance is an indispensable teaching and learning tool. I started using it as a graduate student and was hooked on the free demo version. I was using another product but was sold on the interface: simple, elegant and efficient. Accordance was also cost effective, allowing me to buy only what I needed and could afford. My students love Accordance and find that they are able to use it from the moment they learn their Hebrew and Greek letters.

I particularly appreciate the ability to customize my collection of Accordance modules to fit my research and teaching needs. Their library holds a vast array standard scholarly reference tools in an easy to use  platform. Accordance also provides some of the best technical and customer support I have ever received, and excellent user-friendly instructional materials. My faculty does require Accordance for Macintosh users. I highly recommend Accordance for graduate and seminary students, pastors and professors.

Wil Gafney, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Hebrew and the Scriptures of Israel The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia

Twenty years ago I first saw the Hebrew Bible appear on my computer screen. Since that time Bible software has matured from a curiosity to a necessity, and Accordance is clearly the best of the bunch. Whether primary texts, reference tools, or secondary studies, they are now on the hard drive of my laptop and accompany me from my study, into the classroom, on my travels, and even to my phoneless, email-less, backwoods cabin.

A library full of resource materials, many of which were difficult to find in all but the very best research libraries, is ready to aid my curiosity as I seek to understand the ancient cultures and texts that are the focus of the Biblical Studies student.

Martin Abegg

Ben Zion Wacholder Professor of Dead Sea Scrolls Study, Trinity Western University, Langley, BC

For biblical scholars and students who are Mac users, there is no need to look further than the constantly evolving and resolutely powerful Accordance Bible Software from OakTree software.

I have used this product since its inception. It continues to move from strength to strength, providing simple and complex search resources for biblical texts in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek; Second Temple Judaism and post-biblical Jewish texts (including Mishna, Qumran, and the Targums) in Aramaic and Hebrew, and a host of other Bibles and classical sources. Many or most of these are grammatically tagged.

You can also add on modules like the classic Brown Driver Briggs Hebrew-Aramaic lexicon (the famous 'BDB') and the fabulous Koehler-Baumgartner dictionary. I have not even kept up with OakTree Software's recent forays into Bible Atlases and Photo Guides, but I've seen enough to know that I'll be impressed when I do.

As a value added, the good folks at OakTree put on workshops for users, where oohs and ahs are to be heard emanating from users like me who suddenly realize that Accordance can even do *that*!

Perhaps most remarkably of all, OakTree staff actually answer phone calls and emails, promptly, helpfully, and without making you feel like a techno-maggot.

David Baer

President and CEO, Overseas Council

I have been involved in serious Bible study for nearly 30 years now and have used many different Bible Study software programs. On switching to a Mac in 2001 I was given a copy of Accordance as a gift after speaking at a conference. What a gift! I was amazed at what Accordance was able to do. My friends and I used to discuss what the ultimate Bible software program would do. To my amazement Accordance provided everything we ever longed for and much more that we hadn't thought of.

From that point on Accordance has been my constant companion. I travel extensively and am amazed that as I travel I can carry with me a wealth of translations, commentaries, dictionaries, maps, my own help notes and even an electronic version of my Bible highlights. What would have required many suitcases to carry in the pre computer days is now instantly available to me just by opening my laptop. The personal support, constant upgrades and improvements, and professional service all make Accordance the one Bible software tool no serious Bible scholar should be without. Thank you Oaktree Software.

Bruce Billington

Consultant, Strategic Resource Training

I view Accordance as some view a famous credit card: I "don't leave home without it." It is excellent portable Bible study at a click's notice. Simply wonderful.

Darrell Bock

Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary, Professor of Spiritual Development and Culture, Center for Christian Leadership

A good friend of mine turned me on to Accordance a few years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. The icon is a mainstay on my desktop, as I constantly use the program for research and quick reference. I also incorporate it when teaching to enhance lectures and seminar discussion. Accordance has also saved me hours of library time by providing valuable information that is only a few clicks away.

Theodore Burgh

Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at UNCW

I've used and reviewed all the major players in the Bible software field, and all of them can do amazing things. At the end of the day, however, the program I rely on most for study and teaching is Accordance. With its nimble navigation functions, speedy search capabilities, and impressive collection of tightly integrated resources, Accordance 8 is more than a Bible study resource – it’s like a genie on a hard drive, with no limit on wishes.

Tony Cartledge

Associate Professor of Old Testament at Campbell University Divinity School and Contributing Editor for Baptists Today.

As a student of Scripture for twenty-five years I've continually been searching for the perfect Bible Software. I have never been more pleased than I am with Accordance. I use it not only for preparing talks, but I use it during my live national talk radio show. In a fast paced morning show I need information quickly and efficiently, and Accordance does just that. I also host a live national TV show and I can't tell you the number of times that Accordance has helped me just minutes before going on the air. Thank you for a simple, powerful and intuitive software package.

Jeff Cavins

Director of the Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Accordance is a great Bible program - one I always talk about. I've taught several college courses on hermeneutics and have always plugged Accordance as the "must have" Bible program. Its commitment to the accuracy of original texts, the commentaries and other resources are plentiful. Besides, this program is the best at being "user-friendly." In my personal Bible study, aside from wanting to touch a paper page occasionally, Accordance is the program I use for sermon and classroom teaching preparation. I cannot say enough good things about this program.

Raymond C. Ciervo

Ray Ciervo Ministries

Accordance for the Macintosh is by far the best computer Bible program available today. In addition to searching many Bibles in various languages and tools like Hebrew and Greek dictionaries one can also search individual modules separately (e.g., Qumran Sectarian MSS, Pseudepigrapha, Mishnah in Hebrew or English, or Apostolic Fathers in Greek, Latin, or English), a boon for the serious student and scholar alike. For its user friendliness, for the speed of even complex context searches (most take only a second or two), and for the enormous amount of material that is available (literally) at one’s fingertips, Accordance will simply astound even a jaded computer buff. A splendid program that keeps getting better and better and easier to use.

Alexander A. Di Lella, O.F.M

Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, The Catholic University of America

I have used Accordance software for ten years and will keep on using it as long as I pursue biblical studies. I have used other Bible software and none of it compares to the power, efficiency, and ease of Accordance. I recommend it enthusiastically.

Craig A. Evans

Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Acadia Divinity College, author of Mark in the Word Biblical Commentary

I like to have the very best in conjunction with the very best. For computers this is Macintosh and for programs this is Accordance. Accordance is the most user-friendly program that has the most texts and tools I am interested in. Of course you have to learn the program, but once you know the major principles everything else becomes very easy. I like Accordance for my own work and for my students. The major area of my interest is that of the philological and textual study of the Hebrew and Greek Bible. For my own work in this area I now use Accordance more than printed books. With a wide screen I can see several sources at the same time. I print out some results, although I always have one of my laptops with me in my courses. I am amazed at the quality of Accordance and at the beautiful results I get for very sophisticated search questions. The excellent dictionaries of Accordance help me to get to all the required words, phrases, and combinations. The graphs, analyses, and concordances are absolutely fabulous.

I enjoy exploring the various aspects of the Hebrew text of the Bible, alone, and in conjunction with its various ancient translations, and now also with the Samaritan Pentateuch, and soon with the Biblical Qumran scrolls. All these can be shown in parallel windows, and in the case of the Hebrew and Greek Bible, with every version of Accordance the comparison is more sophisticated and user-friendly. I also enjoy the wealth of ancient sources around the Bible. Three years ago, I founded at the Hebrew University a computer course within the Dept of Bible that is based on Accordance. That program is now installed in the library and at the server of the Computer Instruction unit on Mt Scopus, so that students can actively use the program.

I am happy with Accordance, and I am proud of it.

Prof. Emanuel Tov

J. L. Magnes Professor of Bible, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Mac people think differently than PC people. The Mac user requires a software work environment that is intensely intuitive. And the Accordance software is the most intuitive that I know. As smooth as silk, one can set up a passage or a word search, and move effortlessly through the myriad of illuminating tools that Accordance proffers. I have never used an owner's manual, written instructions, or Accordance tutorial ... but I always can find what I want! Amazing!

George Joseph Gatgounis, Esq

Attorney and Consultant at Law

In the 1980’s I began teaching in Seminary and realized that I needed to invest in a computer to further my work. However, the computers available at that time did not particularly interest me. Then Apple unveiled their Super Bowl 1984 Macintosh ad. I was hooked. This was a real computer! I purchased a 128K Mac – all the memory that I would ever need!

Before too long, I learned how to get the Hebrew Scriptures on disc, paste text into handouts for class and create overhead transparencies. I tried all kinds of Bible software, on various platforms, and finally found “acCordance” for the Mac with The GRAMCORD Institute in 1994. Computer Bible study with Accordance became an essential supplement to my study and teaching. Through the years this progressed to better handouts and computer projected presentations. Beginning in 2004, with the maturing of Accordance, Hebrew/Greek/English computer Bible study moved more and more to the center of my study and teaching. Today Accordance is both central and essential.

I am delighted with the ever-expanding capabilities that the people at OakTree Software have brought to Accordance and highly recommend it to my students, colleagues, and all students of the Bible. The staff has always been extremely helpful in assisting me with purchases, especially given my nontraditional route into the modules. I appreciate the fact that students can begin their journey with a more modest investment and then add modules as they have resources. The many training tools further enhance Accordance’s already user friendly interface – David Lang’s Training DVDs, Tim Jenney’s podcasts, written documentation, revised Help screens, User Forums, and Training Seminars (I recently attended my first). And now it is so easy to pop pictures and charts into projected presentations as well as to project Accordance itself for classes and churches.

Today, my laptop (or iPhone or iPad) with Accordance goes with me wherever I go, both for my own reading and study and for teaching. My electronic library is with me whether I am teaching at my own Seminary in the US or teaching overseas. As I have traveled in other ministries, it has been great to have so much so conveniently at my fingertips wherever I am. I look forward to many more exciting developments and capabilities in the years to come! To paraphrase someone else in another context, I started out looking for a Piper Cub and what I have found in Accordance is a 747!

David B. Kennedy

Associate Professor of Old Testament, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

Accordance is, simply put, the very best piece of software in its class. It makes my research and writing significantly easier. 

When it comes to research, it is hard to know where to begin the praise. The search can be simple and it can be powerful, straightforward and never really complex. I have yet to find anything for which I cannot search. In doing statistical work for Basics of Biblical Greek, not only for words but for longer phrases and grammatical constructions, Accordance has always been able to give me the right numbers. The databases are accurate and trustworthy, not giving me false positives.

Cosmetically, I can arrange the windows any way I want. I can keep texts in sync. With zones I can now keep my main text before me and do my searching in other synced windows. I can put commentaries and study notes within easy access without crowding out the biblical texts. It is like Accordance was thinking of me when they built such a flexible interface.

In terms of research, I continue to be amazed at the depth of their reference books. They have almost every reference book and commentary series I use. And they are aggressive at continuing to get more. If you buy into their system, you wouldn't be disappointed down the road. This is especially true if you are in Old Testament studies; the depth of their esoteric references is mind boggling.

As I have worked on the translation committees for both the ESV and the NIV, I have found Accordance essential. They have all the translations, many of the original texts (including papyri), all presented in such a way that it makes translation much easier. If you like either of those translations, you can thank Accordance.

And finally, technical support is excellent. As always, please read the manuals, but if you still have questions you can get help. The new Web site is especially helpful, giving you quick access to your purchases with nearly automatic downloads.

Thanks Accordance.

William D. Mounce

Former Professor of New Testament, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Author of The Basics of Biblical Greek and other books

Throughout the writing of my chapters for the new atlas, The Sacred Bridge, Carta's Altas of the Biblical World, I made constant use of the Accordance Program. The need to cite many passages from the Hebrew Bible, the Greek Septuagint and other sources (including the Targums) was made easy by using Accordance (then version 6). The use of several columns in a Search Window let me see the Hebrew, the Greek and some times certain English translations all in a glance. Countless hours were saved by the quick search capacity of Accordance.

Some of the reference tools were also found indispensable. The outlines and bibliographies of articles in the Anchor Bible Dictionary were a great help and saved me the need to spend hours in libraries.

My partner in this project, R. Steven Notley, also made similar and constant use of Accordance for his chapters in New Testament and Second Temple historical geography.

Now, with Version 7, I look forward to many happy hours of productive writing during which I will have the powerful resources of Accordance at my fingertips.

It is also a pleasant opportunity to express my appreciation for all the expert staff members. They have always supported me with the highest of professional support accompanied with a cordial and cheerful attitude. The are genuine servants of our academic community.

Anson F. Rainey

Emeritus Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Cultures and Semitic Linguistics, Tel Aviv University, Adjunct Professor of Historical Geography, Bar Ilan University, Orot College and the Jerusalem University College.

After years of working with [other software], Accordance quickly advanced to be my workhorse. The simple and intuitive interface kept the learning curve short. Working with original language texts is so easy that even beginners will find Accordance helpful. The layout of the construct searches is intuitive and automated. However, this simplicity is a little devious. The possibilities of creating complex searches are so far reaching that they can hardly be exhausted. Especially attractive are the possibilities of creating searches for whole groups of texts. Finally, Accordance is very speedy. Nevertheless, the decision for Accordance entails a substantial financial investment. For this one gets the best bible program on the market today.

Right from the start it can be said that Accordance Bible Software impressively combines elegance with speed...

Nevertheless, the decision for Accordance entails a substantial financial investment. For this one gets the best bible program on the market today.

Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Boris Repschinski SJ

Department for Biblical Studies and Historical Theology, Innsbruck

After playing with Accordance for a few months, the verdict is in. It’s sweet. If you need a good -- no -- great Bible study aid, ain’t nothing going to touch this. It’s that good. While it has its share of deficiencies, they are minor and heavily overshadowed by the brilliance of the rest of the program. As we state in the review, it may be reason enough to turn PC users into switchers for sure! Take a look at the review and then take a look at OakTree’s site. You’ll be amazed at the power you’ve been missing in God’s Word!

Sven Rafferty

Sven L.L. Rafferty; Editor: SvenOnTech Website

David Lang

I’ve been working for Accordance for more than two decades now, and in that time, I’ve done a little bit of everything (except the actual programming!): module development, interface design, help design, blogging, training, video tutorials, etc. As the company has grown, we’ve brought in smarter and better-qualified people to do most of those tasks, and I’m now primarily responsible for quality control and creative projects like the Bible Times PhotoMuseum. You would think that after twenty-plus years I’d be a little jaded, but I feel so blessed to do what I do for a living, to work with people whom I genuinely love and admire, and to serve customers who are passionate about studying and teaching the Bible. It has been a dream job, and I’m excited to see what the next two decades have in store!

V.P. of Development

Joel Brown

I'm the head of software development at Accordance, and I really love the development process. Taking ideas, implementing them, working with our users, and then releasing a new feature for Accordance is an amazing experience. I am regularly humbled by the exciting work our users accomplish with Accordance, ranging from user's devotions, to teacher's handouts and lectures, to published academic papers. It has been over a decade since I started my work for Accordance, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store. When not working for Accordance, I play trombone professionally in the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra and teach at my local congregation.

Head of Software Development

Michele Bozzacco

I started working for Accordance in February of 2009. I was a stay-at-home mom of three for 15 years, prior to coming to work at Accordance. The company was nothing but supportive in my transition and has always gone above and beyond what any employer would have done. I feel very blessed to be employed here and to be able to come to work each and every day doing what I do. I truly love our customers, my colleagues, our product and what it enables people to do, and the feeling that I am a part of it in some way. Accordance is my home away from home.

Supervisor of Customer Service

Don Gillis

I am a Christian educator with two earned master's degrees and twenty years of experience in the field of Bible software. In addition to being on staff at several large churches, My wife (Marcia) and I have created training materials that have been used by 5,000 churches. My favorite thing about working with Accordance is seeing the "lights turn on" with excitement as people learn how they can study the Bible more effectively through the use of technology. I have been married for 33 years, have two grown daughters, and a very friendly dog named Samuel.

Director of Academic Relations

Mark Allison

I have been been an Accordance Text Developer for more than 10 years, and an Accordance user since 2002. While learning basic programming on a Processor Technologies SOL-20 computer in 1979, I started using Macintosh computers in 1990 (before they were cool :-).

I hold an undergraduate degree in Missiology (Toccoa Falls College) as well as MA degrees in Anthropology (University of Georgia) and Theological Studies (Liberty University).  My wife Lu and I have four kids—Sophia, Lydia, Evangeline and Levi. We currently live in Flowery Branch, GA.  I also serve as the director of Covenant Life School of Ministry, a 4-year leadership school for lay leaders.

Accordance Text Developer

In Memory of Christopher Rockwell

I am a Texas native, more specifically Northeast Texas. For those wondering, yes I grew up with cows in my backyard, which is not as common as you think where I am from. I’ve always been intrigued with computers and technology as a whole, even as a youngster, but wasn’t exposed to programming until my freshman year in college at Prairie View A&M. At the time, I was majoring in Computer and Electrical Engineering, but that soon changed after watching the movie The Social Network. That movie, which chronicles the start of Facebook, captivated me and exposed me to something I had never known nor heard of before, coding. From that day forward I have been engulfed in my passion for programming and went on to attend Full Sail University, where I graduated, Salutatorian, with a Bachelors in Mobile Development. I was super excited when I received the lead from my college for the job opening at Accordance. A job that combines two things I love, my faith and programming. I have grown and learned so much as a programmer and as a person since I joined the team back in 2015 and I am looking forward to what the future has in store.

Lead iOS Developer 2015 — 2017

Tonya Travelstead

I graduated from the University of Central Florida (FTU back then) with a degree in Business--Accounting, Finance and Management (minor in Piano Performance). I was in the corporate world for 12 years primarily with Barnett Bank as an auditor, market analyst and instructor in their management training program, then retired to be a homeschooling mom with our sons for 23 years. Music, photography, travel and healthy living are some of my personal interests.

I have worked for Accordance part-time since November 2012 although I have been using the software since 1999. Although I typically work from home I enjoy my colleagues with Accordance very much and have great respect for the management team. I am the assistant to the CFO and enjoy organizing information, crunching numbers, and working on the payment plans and royalties. I so appreciate supporting a company that provides the Word of God and assorted modules to others to enable them to teach, learn and study the Bible accurately.

Assistant to the CFO

Linda Perry

I love practical teaching with the goal of mastery learning. Additionally, I appreciate teaching a software program of excellence, challenging users to research on multiple levels. Linda Perry has taught in both public and private schools and at conferences, as well as working in Bible software for many years. She has a B.S. degree in Education with specialties in both English and Bible. Besides teaching, she loves reading, writing, research, gardening, the outdoors, weaving, and spending time with family. She and her husband, Richard, live in Seattle near their grown children.

Online Instructor

Jimmie McCutchen

Yes, my name is Jimmie. I have been married to Mark McCutchen for 37 years and we have five amazing children and six fabulous grandchildren. I earned my Masters of Occupational Therapy degree at Texas Women’s University in 1980, but from the time our first child was born until 2013 I worked full-time at home. We finished 30+ years of home schooling when our youngest daughter graduated last spring. I love late night talks, long walks, cooking with friends, meeting people, yard work, and travel. I have known Roy and Helen for over 25 years and have been impressed by their passion for God’s Word and their desire to provide the Church and academic community with a research tool of excellent quality. No wonder Accordance attracts customers who have like passion about God’s Word and biblical scholarship, but I never imagined that I would become a part of OakTree Software. It has been my privilege since 2013 to be a customer service representative for OakTree. It is so gratifying to think of how this software is helping speed the gospel around the world. The team dynamic is like that of an extended family that responds to individuals within the company while we all move in the same direction to accomplish the task. What a great team to be a part of! Our customers are the best most interesting, gracious people in the world!  It is personally satisfying to serve them and I learn so much from them every day.

Customer Service Representative

Timothy Jenney

Timothy P. Jenney is "Dr. J," host of Accordance’s "Lighting the Lamp" podcast. He is also the author of Dr. J’s Bible Study Methods, a step-by-step approach to Bible study included with every Accordance Collection. In addition, he assists Accordance with licensing academic resources. Dr. J holds a Ph.D. in Ancient and Biblical Studies (University of Michigan, 1993) and other advanced degrees in History, Biblical Languages, and Near Eastern Studies. A published author (in print!), he has also served as a pastor, a campus pastor, and a college professor. 
Tim (as he prefers to be called) has been married to Gloria, his college sweetheart, for more than 40 years. They are active members of Christ Community Church in Winter Haven, FL. They also enjoy good coffee, playing music, reading fiction, camping, and exploring the great outdoors in their kayaks. Tim and Gloria have two grown children, both now married. Zeke is a combat medic in the Navy and Ana is an environmental scientist.

Lighting the Lamp Podcast Host

Ricardo Yaka

I'm originally from Peru and have been in the U.S for more than 29 yrs. Among my favorite foods are Peruvian (of course) and Thai (love curry), and I'd try almost anything.

As far as movies, I enjoy Sci-fi, spy and war movies. Among my favorite are the Borne movies, LOTR, Braveheart, Star Wars, Star Trek. I also love to read, especially fiction (when I have the time). Some favorite books are Knowing God, Jeff Shaara books. Some of my hobbies are taking pictures, reading, watching movies, exercising.

I provide technical support to customer who have issues with Accordance on their computers and mobile devices. And I also assist customers with their orders and answering questions they have about purchasing Accordance and modules. I'm fluent in Spanish and understand Portuguese, so I have been able to assist Spanish speakers and some Portuguese speakers as well. No dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo en cualquiera de esos idiomas si es necesario.I love to work at Oaktree, first, because Accordance helps people learn more about the Bible and, as a result, the God of the Bible. Second, because I get to work along side some wonderful people. 


Customer Service

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore and review the Accordance Bible Software.

Here is my review!
 In the short time that I have been able to take advantage of the Accordance Bible Software I have been overwhelmed by the treasure box that it is! There is abundant, rich resource at the touch of the keyboard. There is not only the Holy word of God in many translations and languages but also the words of so many faithful people who have gone before us and have given us their own commentaries to learn from.

Being a visual thinker I especially loved the atlas and being able to see the pictures of the Holy Land and places of the bible. I also spent quite a bit of time in the book of hymn lyrics... taking me back to my childhood and hearing my Mom sing those hymns as she worked in the kitchen. I was astounded by how many I actually knew the tune of, just from my memory of her. What a gift.

Last but not least, I appreciated the clarity of the online tutorials on how to begin using Accordance as well as all the tool tips that popped up when I started moving around in the software. The Accordance Bible Software for me is a ticket to embark on an adventure of learning and discovery like never before.


March 15

I have had the opportunity to use the Accordance Bible Software English Discover Collection for the past two months.  In my current ministry I find that I am traveling more and more. This posses a challenge in my preparation of messages as I am away from study and all my library resources.  With the Accordance Bible Software, I now have library of resources wherever I go. If I were starting in ministry today, there is no doubt that this is how I would build my library. What really surprised, (and pleased) me however, is how easy the software is to use and how useful it is in the actual preparation of messages.  I am very computer challenged and easily frustrated in using software. In just one hour of navigating on my own, I felt comfortable navigating through the resources.  In another hour I had discovered even more features on my own and felt familiar using more advanced resources.  This is a record for me!  In short, I recommend the Accordance Bible software for those just beginning in ministry, as well of those of us who have been at it for quite a while.  It is a wonderful tool in the service of our Lord.


Anneli Anderson

Accordance is Bible software for everyone, whether you are a casual reader of the Bible, a serious student, a pastor or scholar or even a postgraduate researcher. No longer does it command a niche corner of the limited Mac market of Bible programs, but it dominates on both the Mac OS and Windows platforms. It has speed, it has depth, it has a broad range of Bible-based resources, it has active and ongoing development from a brilliant and dedicated team, it has stellar customer support, it has a vibrant and friendly and helpful online community forum, it is competitively priced, there is no hard sell, you can download a free/demo version and try it out for yourself. If you want to have the Bible on your Mac (or PC or iOS device), you cannot ignore Accordance. 

I reluctantly switched to Accordance from Online Bible years ago when OLB wasn't available for Mac OS X (NB it is now) after seeing it demoed at a Mac Expo (remember them?). I've stuck with it even though now and then I will try a demo or a free Bible program that is new or novel or innovative. But Accordance is the one that serves me best, it's the one that I keep on using, and continue to invest in by adding new modules fairly regularly (and I don't mean old public domain out-of-copyright works.) And I don't regret a penny of that investment.

As I said, if you want to have the Bible on your Mac (or PC or iOS device), you cannot ignore Accordance.


This is the absolute best Bible software on the market today. Lightning fast searches are the standard on every platform including much older machines. The focus on the Scripture as central, aids in the access to commentaries, Bible encyclopedias and the original languages. The shortcuts to search by range, transliterated word, strongs number make original language searching not only fast but also meaningful. From there you can save your results to custom made "stacks" or electronic notecards that will record your results and can be organized by groups that the user defines. The interlinear functionality is without parallel as well as the INFER command among duplicate Bibles. The info pane is attached to a tagged Bible by default and takes the user to a curated list of Commentaries, outlines, study Bibles, interesting words, parallel passages, and original language grammars. Do you want to type in Greek? Open up a Greek Bible and go! The same is true for Hebrew. ALL of this occurs FROM the text rather than to the text. Through it all the Scripture remains central. I've only mentioned a few things this software does. Download LITE and try it for yourself!

Dan Langston

Accordance User

Up front I must state that I was given a copy of Accordance 12 English Learner edition if I would give an honest review.

Having been a user of another digital Bible study software and have spent a lot of money stocking it with books so, this was a bit of a learning curve in learning the differences and how to do various things. I found initially even setting up a start screen difficult - not because the software is difficult but you need to learn how to get started - and Accordance has the resources to help you do that.

Accordance has all the tools one needs to do a deep study of the Scriptures - and then some - all included in the basic English Learner package. Once you know how to access everything - and how to place it on the screen - I found that the ability to do research and then see the stats related to that search - informative and fun. Then if you are writing a paper a nd need to make sure you have the right citations and notations it does it for you.

Do I recommend this Bible Software -

1. To those who are trying to decide which software to get - this is the one - I wish I had started here - I can see that I just barely touched the surface of what it can do.

2. It is a must that you go to Youtube and watch the MANY tutorials and reviews of Accordance 12 - you will not regret it - experts will show you the extremes of the program on how it can be used - so you can get the most about it.

3. If you already are locked into another Bible study software still check this out you might be surprised and find that it will do a more thorough and quicker job for you. All the products seem to offer the same book resources - but not all allow you to do the same things with it - Accordance seems to allow you to do a lot more in a very intuitive way.

Bottom line - give Accordance a chance - try it out

Dan Wagner

"Super outstanding! Thanks for the new and better localization options and the improvements to Paper. Awesome ???? “


Accordance User

"Whoa! Webbrowser within Accordance is seriously life-changing. This has brought a significant improvement in my workflow. I am so thankful for all the hard work, OakTree! I also find "My Toolset" very helpful. After adding my theological journals, I can see every journal that references a verse in my passage as I scroll through the passage. Great update!”


Accordance User

I recently started using Accordance Bible Software. Accordance has translations, lexicons, commentaries, devotionals, translator’s notes, and Bible studies to assist Bible students in their studies. I was asked to offer my perspective on the software.

First of all, one of the most limiting things about Bible Study Software is the price point. BibleWorks is near the $400 mark, Logos is anywhere between $200–1000 and Accordance has various options ranging from free to $35000.

Accordance Lite has a limited amount of solid resources. It is great software for the student on a budget. Another one worth looking into for the student on a budget is the Starter Collection ($60). If one has the money to invest in Bible Study Software, then perhaps it’s worth looking deeper into the main softwares.

I have the English Learner version (retail: $200), which I’ve found to be a wonderful Bible Study resource. I’m sure that as I use it more, I’ll find even more to love. I love that included is all 49 volumes of the Tyndale Commentary. Having used OliveTree before, I realized that buying this commentary to add to my collection with that software would cost as much as Accordance’s English Learner version all together.

I like the way the home page feels — it’s not terribly complicated, but has complexity that deserves some study. I’ve found the arrangement of Accordance’s software to take a bit of time to get acquainted with, but once you’re familiar, it’s a beautiful setup.

The main downside I can find with the English Learner version of Accordance that I have is that it lacks the resources one could find with a software like Logos’ more expensive Starter, Bronze, and Silver plans. While one would pay far more for Logos, it has more depth to it. If you’re going to invest in software, it may be worthwhile to invest more in a software that will give you more.

That being said, Accordance has additional bundles and e-books that can be bought individually to supplement what you already have. This could add up to become quite expensive if you wanted to have as many resources as Logos offers, but if you’re satisfied with what you get in the collection you purchase then you’re great.

Being a mac user, I find Accordance to be very friendly and accessible, which I cannot say of either Logos or BibleWorks. It’s wonderful to have a software that feels as comfortable and accessible as Accordance. I am a fan.


Dr. Scott Walt

Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology, TCMi

As a new user of Bible software, I am impressed and overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of resources available through Accordance. For every hat I wear while reading the Bible and studying theology--Christian, student, teacher, preacher, language learner, researcher--there are a wealth of tools at my disposal. Logging onto Accordance makes me feel a little bit like James Bond walking into the armory to receive new equipment for his mission from "Q." To be able to access so much edifying content at such a minimal cost is a gift to the church.

Of course, such developments always come with dangers. In Bible software--including but not limited to Accordance--I see the seduction that accompanies having "so much power at one's fingertips." In our modern Western church context, we tend to lust after more and more Christian materials, always looking for a new-and-improved study Bible or spiritual writer. Yet I find that the main problem I face in my spiritual and theological endeavors is not a lack of resources, but a lack of reverence. Accordance can give me greater access to a great many good tools, but it cannot give me greater awareness of God's presence. It's important to recognize both the luxuries and the limitations of technology for enhancing Christian life and ministry.

Using Accordance has reinforced how easy it is for me to take the availability of amazing academic assets for granted. Christians in other centuries and in other parts of the world could not have imagined the depth and breadth of a tool like Accordance Bible Software. Yet I am now able to casually browse through an entire theological library with my thumb. With Accordance, I have gained access to what seems to me like a virtual seminary in my pocket. My hope now is that I, and users like me, will be able to sift through the sands of external knowledge and discern what to internalize into the depths of our souls.

Accordance is a powerful tool. In fact, it is so powerful that I would advise those who have addictive tendencies to use it with caution. Personally, I find that it tempts me either to get overly absorbed and distracted by its endless wonders, or to feel intimidated and inundated by all the information. But, when I am able to use it in a healthy way, it connects me to awesome content that equips me, like Q equips James Bond, to better fulfill my mission to love God and love others as Jesus has loved me.


Drew Boa

Pastors Must Have a Bible Study Software: 

I happened to be in the right place at the right time and had the opportunity to check out Accordance Bible Software 12. I have been using a Bible Study software of some kind since the early 2000s. As an evangelist, pastor, and writer I do not see how one could live without it. I am constantly on the go, but with a Bible software like Accordance I always have my study library with me. It allows for study when the opportunity presents itself. It also allows for the right tools for research when the need arises. If you are a pastor or Christian leader and you do not have a Bible study software then you are missing out. You are limiting yourself. Not only is it easily accessible, but the quality of the tools is amazing. I feel confident that I am able to use the best tools available and use them quickly.

Accordance’s Greatest Feature Might Not Be What You Think: 

Throughout my pastorate I have used the big 3 Bible Study softwares – Logos, Bible Works, and now Accordance. In my selecting of a software in the past I choose based on the number of resources and the claim of which tool had the most to offer. Really at this point the big 3 are all increasing in those areas. Yet in my use of Accordance a feature jumped out at me. One that I had never considered, but that has been a huge benefit – is that the Accordance workspace is very easy to use and allows me to get to a focused productive study faster than i have with other softwares. This may sound trivial, but it may become one of my biggest concerns. I struggle to focus in my study. I have limited time, but that doesn’t keep me from becoming distracted and chasing rabbits. Busy interfaces and workspaces definitely cause me to become distracted. I might piddle around with unnecessary features and resources rather than jumping into my study. With Accordance I found myself immediately proceeding into a very focused study. This same benefit proved helpful when i would leave my computer and come back to study. I immediately was able to jump into where i left off.

For someone with lots of projects going – this was very valuable.

It is like working on a clean desk, with well organized tools.

So I encourage the busy pastor, teacher, or writer who is struggling to balance time and still have productive study preparation to give Accordance a try.

See if the clean workspace helps you be more focused and productive. It has for me.


Jake McCandless


Summary: After careful consideration of the two major Bible software platforms (major competitor and Accordance), I am recommending that we go with Accordance. There are three major reasons for this. First, Accordance is much more intuitive in terms of its interface. The layout is pretty straightforward and search functions are quite user friendly. [Major competitor], while offering some interesting features not found in Accordance, is not intuitive at all, especially for those with limited computer skills. Second, the guiding philosophy of Accordance fits very well with our institutional values, in that it is designed to keep the passage of Scripture being studied central. By comparison, [major competitor] can lead the undisciplined researcher down a multitude of rabbit trails that can often become far removed from the text. Finally, Accordance offers several packages specifically designed with Majority World pricing. [Major competitor] has nothing comparable to this.

Jerry Ireland

Pan-Africa Theological Seminary

My habit of using books to study the Bible created an initial resistance toward using Bible software. I cannot now imagine engaging in serious Bible study without it. For about 15 years, I've used BibleWorks and Logos on a regular basis. And these are wonderful programs. At the same time, many of my colleagues who were using Accordance were as fanatical about it as Apple users are to Apple products. And now I can see why.

Quality and style have been built into every element of this tool. It is the king of Bible software. In my opinion, Logos still has a slight advantage when it comes to the amount of available resources and BibleWorks gives you the biggest bang for the buck. But I need both of these programs to do what can be done alone with Accordance. Accordance also provides a more pleasing interface than either Logos or BibleWorks. When it comes to complex searches, a necessity for serious exegetes, these can be done with BibleWorks and Accordance. However, complex searches are conducted with far greater ease with Accordance and in a manner more easily remembered for future uses. Bottom Line: If you're a serious student of the Bible or want to be and desire a Bible software program that provides far more than you will ever require, you will be very pleased to purchase Accordance!

Michael R. Licona

Associate Professor in Theology Houston Baptist University

There is so much to say about the Accordance Bible Software but I want to boil it down to three outstanding features:

    • Intuitive, flexible interface – with so many features and resources available on bible software programs, I often find myself overwhelmed by them. Accordance has thoughtfully made features and resources accessible without cluttering the screen. It is easy and intuitive which says a lot given the complexity of programs today. I felt like I could be in the driver’s seat of my learning and discovery pretty much right away.

    • Extensive number of resources – perhaps I am too easily impressed, but I couldn’t believe the number of resources included in the English Discoverer version for a fraction of the cost of owning them in book form (I still enjoy the feel books by the way). Accordance is also constantly adding valuable, first rate resources to their library and though they are not inexpensive, they are a good value at a fraction of the weight. This is a big plus for me as I am seeking to simplify my life which includes my library –desiring to travel through life more lightly.

    • Joy of Discovery – Accordance XII makes reading and learning about the Bible fun, enjoyable and ultimately fruitful for my own teaching, sharing, and exploration. I consider this the highest compliment to the quality and usability of the software.

    I was given a complimentary copy of Accordance XII: English Discoverer in return for my unbiased review of the software.


Michael Tso

"This is a tremendous helpful update! I can't wait to share with my friends! Thanks Accordance Team!”

Mutien Chen

Accordance User

My name is Nathan Adkison.  I am the Lead Software Developer for the 47th Cybersecurity Test Flight at Eglin AFB, FL and am a Cyberspace Operations Officer in the Air Force Reserves with the 717th Information Operations Squadron at Hurlburt Field, FL.  I have a Master's of Science degree in Computer Science, a Master's of Art degree in Christian Studies, and am currently working on my Master of Divinity degree at Asbury Theological Seminary.  I am also the 5th/6th Grade Minister at my church.  I wanted to give you a little bit of background about me in hopes that this will be more meaningful to you.  Recently, I was in an Exegesis of Galatians class and the professor was using your Accordance software.  I had never seen your software before, but I was really impressed.  I downloaded the Lite version and was hooked.  The next day, I went back online and ordered the Level 1 Academic Bundle.  I love the way everything is setup and I can tell you have a great team there at Oak Tree Software.  I plan on building my package up a little at a time until I eventually have the All-in-All package. :)  I have already been telling everyone I know about your product and I know you will continue on with the great work.  Thank you for taking the time to build such a wonderful product.  Have a great day and God bless!

Nathan Adkinson

Lead Software Developer for the 47th Cybersecurity Test Flight at Eglin AFB, FL

"Excellent update!  For me, the Info Pane revolutionized Accordance's usability, and now the My Toolset feature has taken that to the next level! I'm excited to explore the additional possibilities with the new web browser as well! Thank You for your hard work!”

O Schrock

Accordance User

I've just begun to play around with this latest version of Accordance. I had been using version 8 for years now. THIS IS AWESOME! Y'all have made a GREAT product. Every time I think to myself - "wouldn't it be cool if accordance did X..." I find that it does!

Parker Johnson

I am delighted and impressed! I have NEVER enjoyed a study software like this! I MOUSEOVER...and see the GREEK for the word in a window below...while at the RIGHT THERE ARE coordinating verses. WONDERFUL! So happy to have discovered it. With my budget being low at this time, I am thrilled that Accordance has created this LITE version! Thank you, Accordance!

Susan Sherwood Parr

President of Life to the World Ministries, Inc.

Thank you for the opportunity to explore the new Accordance12 Bible software! If you want to go deeper into studying the Bible this year, check this resource out! Below is my review. I love studying the Bible, digging into the meaning and the context, and imagining myself as a witness to the scene or receiving the message of the Word. Part of my process is responding visually through Art and Bible Journaling. As I draw, paint, collage, write, I meditate on the focused Scripture, the meaning of key words, and ask God to speak to me. As I listen, engaging the imagination, I reflect and respond visually through imagery and words combined.

Exploring the meaning of a word in the context of Scripture is a process I use often as I study the Bible, pray, and seek wisdom. I find there are often layers of meaning that lead to an “aha” moment of the heart, renewing of the mind, and life change.

For example, each year I receive a word of the year. One of the first things I do is a word study using online and hard copies of dictionaries and various versions of the Bible. When doing previous word studies, I’ve used online resources such as Bible Gateway, Blue Letter Bible and Bible Hub, and online dictionaries. They have been useful, and I was curious how using Bible software would enhance and deepen the learning. I am new to Accordance Bible Software and recently received a copy of the Accordance12 Discoverer Collection for the purpose of this review.

After using Accordance Bible Software for only a short time, it has exceeded my expectations by providing easily accessible resources for word studies, along with user-friendly workspaces using parallel translations. All the resources I look for are on one screen and can be customized by a mere click of a few buttons. Here are some benefits I received within the first week of working with Accordance Bible Software.

• The installation process was easy and came with clear instructions.

• The software is user-friendly and intuitive

• The training videos are helpful. The computer is not my favorite way to study or my most intuitive. The introduction videos showed me how to navigate and do the basics.

• The workspaces are customizable and easily adaptable. I found the Research workspace worked well for my word study, and was easy to modify to suit my needs.

• Because the information is downloaded onto the computer, it is accessible even when offline.

• It was easy to copy the information, print it out, and have it ready to use in my Bible study journaling process.

• Accordance Bible Software gives the ability to access and view all the components I use for a word or Scripture reference study all on one screen.

• The biggest benefit of Accordance for me is there are more resources at my fingertips than I would search for online. With a mere click of a few buttons I can access the many relevant resources such as many versions of the Bible, dictionaries, lexicons, commentaries, topical studies, and other inspiring resources such as collections of quotes, and even hymns that relate to the subject.

• There are even more resources that can be added as menu items to the collection of tools in the Accordance12 English Discoverer Collection. The Dictionary of Biblical Imagery is at the top of my list. It is the most useful and valuable tool I have for looking up the significance and symbolism of Biblical imagery. I have a hard copy book already, but having it as digital resource that function within the Accordance Bible Software is something I am excited to use.


Valerie Sjodin