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The Bible Study Collection Includes everything in the Starter Collection, plus a whole lot more. The emphasis here is on English Bible study resources, i.e. not Greek and Hebrew tools. Specifically, the Bible Study Collection includes an assortment of Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, preaching helps, historical works, theological writings, and devotionals. It does not include many original language tools, so Greek and Hebrew buffs will want to consider one of our higher-level Collections. However, if you plan on studying the Bible primarily in English, the Bible Study Collection is an excellent choice for personal growth and theological studies. Altogether, this Collection includes about $4,000 worth of print materials, so the $199.99 purchase price is a great value.


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Module Highlights

Here are some standout modules in the Bible Study Collection I have found useful in my own Bible study.

Bibles Tagged with Key Numbers

NIV11-cover-sm The Bible Study Collection offers 24 Bible translations, including many of the most popular Bible translations used today. The NIV, HCSB, NKJV, ESV, and KJV are especially notable, as they are all tagged with key numbers. This tagging allows you to search for Greek and Hebrew words right from your English Bible. For example, not only can you search for the English word “heavens” but you can also search for its key number (H8064) to find the Hebrew word shamayim that “heavens” is translated from. Key numbers also powerful features to your Bibles, such as cross-highlighting, Instant Details, and the Dynamic Interlinear. Check out the video below to see these features in action.

Individual Bible Prices: $9.99-$39.99 each

Tyndale Commentary Set (49 volumes)

Tyndale Commentary_120 Without a doubt, the Tyndale Commentary set is the crown jewel of the Bible Study Collection. This 49-volume set normally runs $219.99 on its own, making it an incredible value for those purchasing this Collection. This commentary offers scholarly insight for students and pastors, but the writing style is still highly accessible. It regularly discusses Greek and Hebrew words, but always transliterates them, so you don’t need to have any formal training with Greek or Hebrew to benefit from these sections. While some verses are grouped together, in most cases the Tyndale Commentary provides detailed verse-by-verse commentary, going into considerable depth for each individual verse.

Individual Price: $219.99

Bible Knowledge Commentary

bk commentary The Bible Knowledge Commentary may not go into quite as much depth as the Tyndale Commentary, but it is still an excellent resource in its own right. The authors write from a dispensationalist perspective, but they often address various interpretive viewpoints where they exist. The commentary focuses on helping readers understand the meaning of a passage, and sometimes discusses applications as well. Many Greek and Hebrew words are discussed, and while the Greek and Hebrew spelling is used (rather than transliterations), the authors do a good job of defining these words as they are mentioned.

Individual Price: $49.99

Life Application Study Bible Notes

life app study bibleThe Life Application Study Bible was the first study Bible I ever used. Before I ever discovered commentaries or Bible dictionaries, this study Bible offered me insight about challenging passages and helped me figure out some of the ways I could apply Scripture to my daily life. The writing style is highly accessible and appeals to a broad Christian audience. It has a devotional focus, so it won’t be the right tool in all cases, but I still find myself drawn to this resource for personal Bible study and spiritual growth.

Individual Price: $29.99

Experiencing God Day by Day

eg day by day The Experiencing God series has personal significance for me, as the Experiencing God workbook was the first structured Bible study I began after joining a small group in high school. The series puts a strong emphasis on knowing God personally, listening for His voice, and joining Him in His work. The Bible Study Collection includes both the main book and the Day by Day devotional, which offers a brief lesson and Scripture passage for each day of the year. The Day by Day devotional focuses on the same core themes from the main book, and I’ve really enjoyed using this for my personal devotions.

Individual Price: $29.99 (Included with Experiencing God)

Net Notes

netbible-coverIn my opinion, the Net Notes are perhaps one of the most underutilized Bible study tools out there. These notes are included with the NET Bible, but they are far more robust than what you will typically find in such Bible notes. In fact, they are more akin to a study Bible or textual commentary. There are four different types of notes: study notes, translators’ notes, text-critical notes, and map notes. The study notes are similar to what you might find in a study Bible; the translator’s notes offer discussion about some of the decisions made by the NET Bible translators; the text-critical notes offer insights about manuscripts and variant readings; and the map notes link to the included maps in the NET Bible. All in all, it’s a diverse and rich module, especially for those with a penchant for scholarly tools.

Individual Price: $19.99 (included with NET Bible)

Other Notable Modules:

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The Bible Study Collection offers a broad selection of English Bibles and devotional study tools.
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