We’re much closer to the release of Accordance 11.1. It will be here very soon with so many excellent new features, you’ll be amazed that we’re giving it away as a free upgrade to Accordance users who have already moved to version 11.

One of the new features being added to 11.1 is easy generation of Accordance Location URLs. Let’s say you’re reading the Preaching the Word Commentary, and you want to remember a particular location. You could always bookmark it, but what if you wanted to refer back to that location in other places—even outside of Accordance?

With the new easy generation of Accordance URLs, you will simply bring up a contextual menu in any Bible, Reference work, commentary, or any other title in Accordance and choose Copy as: Location URL. Then, you can paste the resulting location URL into any User Note, User Tool, or even in other applications outside of Accordance such as emails or word processing documents.

Copy as URL

Of course, if you send an Accordance Location URL in an email to another person, that person will also have to have Accordance installed on the receiving computer, as well as the title referred to in the link. However, assuming the receiver has Accordance and the particular title being referenced, clicking on the link will launch Accordance and take the user directly to the point in the title where you generated the link.

Want to hide the syntax of the URL? No problem. In the newly enhanced User Notes and User Tools, you can select any text and add an Accordance location link. So, you might write in a User Note something like, “See the Preaching the Word Commentary for more information.” Now you will be able highlight a phrase like “Preaching the Word Commentary” and add an underlying hyperlink straight to a particular location.

We believe you’re going to find the new features in Accordance 11.1 incredibly useful. Keep watching the Accordance Blog and other social media for further announcements.