Accordance 12 MAS For those of you who prefer to get your apps from the Mac App Store (MAS), your wait is over. Accordance 12 is now available for download!

Accordance 12 MAS is a great way to introduce new users to Accordance, especially those users who only like to download applications directly from Apple’s servers. Downloading Accordance 12 MAS is free because it is essentially the same as Accordance 12 Lite that we released last November. From an in-app purchase in Accordance 12 MAS, a user can upgrade to a Starter 12 Collection and unlock all features of the program.

Current users of Accordance 11 MAS can upgrade to Accordance 12 through the in-app Starter Collection purchase as well. All of your content from Accordance 11 MAS will be moved over to v. 12.

If you have any further questions, please check out our “Accordance for Mac” page as well as “Accordance 12 in Mac App Store.” Both of these pages describe the functional differences between Accordance 12 downloaded from the OakTree servers vs. downloading from Apple’s servers.

Please feel free to share Accordance 12 with your friends and colleagues. And we’d ask that anyone using Accordance 12 MAS to please add a review on the MAS page after you download it!