We’re pleased to announce that Accordance 13 is now available in the macOS App Store.

Now, to be clear, we still believe the best way to obtain Accordance 13 is to download it from our website. However, each year, thousands of new users discover Accordance because we include a special App Store version, too. And we recognize that some macOS users prefer to get most, if not all, of their apps through the App Store for security purposes. Having apps available from one source allows for quick setup on a new computer and updates in the background. App Store apps are also “sandboxed” from other applications.

Accordance 13 MAS

If you’re already using Accordance 13, this release of the App Store version doesn’t impact you. However, if you’re an Accordance App Store user and have been waiting patiently for version 13, now is the time to upgrade!

If you or someone you know is considering Accordance and prefers App Store installs, please help spread the word that version 13 is now available. New users will essentially download a copy of Accordance 13 Lite from the App Store, and we also offer in-app purchases to the full version of Accordance 13 Starter as well.

The release of v. 13 in the App Store is so new, we don’t have review yet, so if you use this version, please add your reviews so that others can download with confidence!