I’m pleased to announce that Accordance 8.4.2 is now available. This is a free download to all users of Accordance 8 or above. This new update primarily includes fixes for bugs so obscure few of you would ever discover them, but is also includes a few minor enhancements.

In the duh-can’t-believe-we-left-that-out department, we’ve added the Edit User Note command to the contextual menu which appears when you right- or control-click a verse in a Text window. Yes, you could always choose Edit User Note from the Selection menu or use the keyboard shortcut command-U, but we should have included it in the contextual menu as well. That oversight has now been corrected.

In the consistency department, when you’re viewing your user notes in a parallel pane and you begin typing in that notes pane, Accordance will automatically open an edit window and place it neatly over the notes pane. However, if you used the Edit User Note command, the Edit window would appear in a different location. In Accordance 8.4.2, whether you open an Edit window by typing in a notes pane or using the Edit User Note command, the Edit window will always appear neatly over the notes pane.

In the convenience department, whenever you make the Library window active, the Find box will automatically receive focus (provided nothing is selected in the Library browser pane). This enables you to begin typing to find a module as soon as you bring the Library window to the front.

I said earlier in this post that 8.4.2 fixes bugs so obscure few of you would ever discover them. Unfortunately, it also introduced a bug for some users of PowerPC Macs which has been quite easy to discover. This bug was apparently introduced by a new compiler, and we’ll release a fix soon. In the meantime, users of PowerPC systems may want to wait until the release of Accordance 8.4.3.