I upgraded to Apple’s Mountain Lion Operating System this weekend, and by far the coolest thing about it is Airplay Mirroring. I can now wirelessly mirror my laptop screen on the family TV through our Apple TV. This came in handy the other night when we had an impromptu family discussion about teenagers who think Biblical righteousness means no longer being able to have any fun. I pulled up Matthew 6:16, which talks about how hypocrites “disfigure their faces” to show the world that they’re fasting, went into reading mode, mirrored it to the TV, and increased the font size so the whole family could read it from wherever they happened to be sitting.


Doing this made discussing the passage much easier and was much quicker than having everyone grab a print Bible and turn to the passage. Combining Accordance with Airplay Mirroring dramatically increases the possibility for impromptu Bible study in the family room.