Accordance Mobile 2.0 has been out for about a week and a half, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Here are just a few!

AM2 iPhone


Wow! Thank you. Everything I dreamed of 🙂

Arne B. (via Accordance Forums)


If you don’t have this app, get it! Great tool! If you have it, this is a great upgrade.

BenoîtC (via iTunes)


Really liking the new @AccordanceBible iOS 2.0 update. Looks great, feels familiar.

Kevin Burr (via Twitter)


An app that keeps getting better. The 2.0 update made it a lot faster.

calibrettokid (via iTunes)


[Accordance Mobile 2.0] is LIGHTNING fast!

Mark Chenhalls (via email)


So many new useful features all done with the greatest amount of thought and functionality. Thank you for an incredible product!

Bob Deacon (via iTunes)


Thanks for the 2.0 upgrade.  It’s great to have highlighting work the way it should.  I’ve waited years for this and am delighted!  Thanks to all who made it possible.

David Doyle (via Accordance Forums)


AccordanceMobile, with its new updates, is simply the best Bible study app anyone can have for iPhones or iPads. Great job @AccordanceBible

Jimmy Doyle (via Twitter)


Hallelujah! The long awaited day has arrived! Haven’t had much time to explore, but my initial impression is that 2.0 looks wonderful. Thank you all!

John S. Gilliom (via Accordance Forums)


Love the new font choices, love the ability to unlink the two panes, am looking forward to social sharing and what else I can do with it!!

Tim Hall (via Accordance Forums)


Just when I had thought that you were never going to make word selection, etc. part of the iPad version of Accordance, you did it!  And updated the look and the unlinking of panes, WOW!!  Thank you!!!

Kevin Kasper (via email)


@AccordanceBible Mobile 2.0 is a feature full update. Great job!

Josh Kraft (via Twitter)


This new version adds some really helpful new features that I will use. I use it to teach classes and the ability to unlink panes is a needed change. Also, the ability to amplify from pop-ups is going to be helpful. Perhaps though, the thing I like most is the optimization for my iPhone 6. Thanks, Accordance–the app is getting better with each release!

Tony Lawrence (via iTunes)


Such a huge improvement! Great work folks.

Garrett Lee (via Twitter)


It was good before but now, it’s really good and it just “works” for me.

Robert Pavich (via Accordance Forums)


Thank you @AccordanceBible for the best app update ever. Folks, this is the best Bible study app on the market.

Garet D. Robinson, PhD (via Twitter)


Great update!

Mark Schröder (via Twitter)


With a handy and useful widget and a bunch of other improvements, I am sure Accordance will be one of the first apps I reach for when I want to read the Word of God. I am thrilled once again to have it on my phone.

Seth (via iTunes)


Have you downloaded @AccordanceBible Software 2.0 on iOS? It’s a great upgrade! Look at all that screen real estate!

Shaun Tabatt, Bible Geek Gone Wild (via Twitter)


@AccordanceBible very nice update! 🙂

David Trotz (via Twitter)


Accordance Mobile 2.0 accelerates Accordance into a first rate portable app. Accordance on iOS is now nearly as powerful and definitely just as usable as Accordance on a notebook computer. When I find myself increasingly needing my library on my iPad or iPhone, 2.0 means that I not only have it — but now I can use my mobile device as a study tool.

Joel Watts,
Unsettled Christianity (via Facebook Messenger)


@AccordanceBible the latest app update is AWESOME!  You’ve added all the features I’ve been hoping for! #HappyDay

Curtis Wilson (via Twitter)


@AccordanceBible iOS 2.0 update is transforming my bible-reading experience. Been waiting for it, and it is awesome.

Matthew Wimer (via Twitter)


Version 2 is what I’ve been waiting for. The power of this app is amazing. It’s mature, syncs with my desktop, and has everything in it –full biblical languages, loads of translations, and plenty of reference material. I’m very happy with this release.

Anonymous (via iTunes)


Searches are still blazing fast thanks to Accordance’s commitment to make this a world-class Bible study tool.

Anonymous (via iTunes)

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