The latest release of our Accordance Mobile app includes a number of new features, including some of User Notes. In this podcast, Dr. J reviews all the capabilities of User Notes on mobile devices and demonstrates dictating a note, typing in multiple languages (including emoji characters!), changing font styles and colors in a note, and syncing User Notes with Dropbox. [Accordance Mobile 2.1: Basic]

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New Improvements in Accordance Mobile 2.1

  • User note edit view allows editing of text style, including: font, font size, color, Bold, Italic and Underline.
  • Selection in a User Note view offers Copy, Share, Define, Search and Edit. Search will search the current note. Edit will edit the current note at the selected verse.
  • Selection in a User Note additional pane (in Search view) offers Copy, Share, Define and Edit.
  • Selection in a Devotional view now offers Highlight, Clear, Search, Amplify, Define and Bookmark.
  • Tool hyperlink style settings allow the combination of multiple options (i.e. Plain, Bold, Italicized and Underlined).
  • User Notes Display settings include Background Color.
  • The last “more/less” search selection for each module is now retained on the iPhone. If the user opens the “more” search options, they will stay open during subsequent searches in the same module.
  • Many fixes of reported bugs.