Atlas of Christian History - 3D Print Bibles usually have maps near the back (and most of our study Bible notes in the Accordance Library have them, too!). Most of the standard Bible maps include some kind of map of the Roman Empire, often related to the travels of the Apostle Paul. But for those interested in the ongoing story of the church, Bible maps tend to only be so helpful.

Releasing today for the Accordance Library, the Atlas of Christian History, by Tim Dowley, “has been designed to examine the origins, beginnings, growth, and worldwide spread and development of Christianity.” This very unique atlas includes over 60 maps (listed below) covering all facets of Christianity from the Early Church to today. These maps are divided up among five sections: (1) The Early Christians, (2) The Church under Siege, (3) The Middle Ages, (4) The Reformation and After, and (5) The Modern Church.

Mission of the 12

This work is not merely a collection of images, but rather Tim Dowley has also included his own detailed descriptions of the spread of Christianity. In print, Atlas of Christian History is around 176 pages. The nature of the written content essentially makes this volume a brief but very competent history of the church in addition to the unique set of geographical images.


Accordance users who also have Tim Dowley’s Atlas of European Reformations in their Library already know the usefulness of the maps in these works. Pastors, professors and teachers will especially find these maps helpful for illustrating information in teaching and preaching settings.

Atlas of Christian History is available for discounted introductory pricing for a limited time.

Atlas of Christian History
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List of maps:

  • The Apostles and Tradition

  • Early Christian Communities in Palestine

  • Distribution of Christianity by AD 100

  • Distribution of Christianity by AD 300

  • Constantine the Great and the Christian Church

  • The Spread of Arianism

  • The Council of Chalcedon and the Monophysite Church

  • The Spread of the Nestorian and Monophysite Churches

  • The Church in the West in the Sixth Century

  • The Spread of Monasticism

  • The Empire of Justinian I

  • The Spread of Islam: 622–1075

  • Byzantium under Threat: 632–750

  • Early Missions in the Christian West

  • The Empire of Charlemagne

  • The British Church c. 800

  • The Eastern Orthodox Church c. 1000

  • Christianity in the Kievan Rus’: 1050

  • The Great Schism: 1054

  • The Spread of Cluniac Monasticism

  • The Spread of Cistercian Monasticism

  • The First Three Crusades

  • Christian Oppression of the Jews 1200–1500

  • Medieval Pilgrimage Routes

  • The Rise of the European Universities

  • The Spread of the Franciscan and Dominican Orders

  • Medieval Missions to the Mongol Empire and the East

  • Distribution of Medieval Heresy and Dissent

  • The Growth of Christian Muscovy

  • The Western Church in 1500

  • Charles V and the European Reformation

  • Reformation Europe: 1560

  • Christian Europe: 1600

  • Christian Europe after the Peace of Westphalia: 1648

  • Catholic Missions Worldwide: 1400–1800

  • Christianity in the Philippines C16–C21

  • Protestant Settlers in North America: C17

  • The Church in Europe in 1700

  • Roman Catholic Missions in South America: 1750

  • Pietist Activity in Europe: 1650–1820

  • Distribution of English-speaking Churches in North America: 1750

  • The Great Awakening in North America

  • The Second Awakening in North America: 1790–1830

  • Christianity in Africa to 1800

  • Pioneers of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions

  • Christianity in Africa 1800–1914

  • Christian Missions to India and South-east Asia

  • Protestant and Catholic Missions to China and Japan: 1920

  • Growth and Distribution of Roman Catholicism in the U.S.A.

  • The Rise of New Religious Movements in the U.S.A.

  • The Origins of Pentecostalism in the U.S.A.

  • The Growth and Distribution of African-American Churches

  • The Rise and Distribution of the Church in Australasia

  • Christianity in Latin America: 1900–

  • Worldwide Distribution of Protestant Mission Stations: 1925

  • Significant Meetings of the Worldwide Ecumenical Movement

  • Distribution of Christian Denominations in the U.S.A.: 2000

  • The Russian Church today

  • Worldwide Christianity Today

  • Roman Catholics
  • Eastern Orthodox
  • Protestants
  • Persecution of Christians


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