Accordance Bible Software is pleased to announce plans to open Word-World™, a new Bible-based theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Accordance has been headquartered in the theme park capital of the world for more than two decades, but our corporate presence has been relatively inconspicuous. When Word-World™ opens in April of 2016, that will change in a big way.

While this announcement may be unexpected, the opening of a theme park is something we’ve been quietly working on for several years. In order to avoid word of our plans leaking out and the land speculation which would inevitably result, we have been quietly purchasing property through a wholly-owned subsidiary named “The Reedy Sea Ranch Corporation.” At this point, I wish I could show you the amazing architectural plans drawn up by Bezalel and Associates, a firm that specializes in the creation of theme parks and sacred spaces, but this is just a preliminary announcement. I can, however, show you a very rough map of the park’s layout.


Entrance to the park will be from the east, with convenient access from Interstate-4. The park will be divided into four “lands” surrounding a central “sea.” Visitors will be able to explore the history and message of the Bible as it developed in the lands of Israel, Egypt, Babylon, and Rome. Each land will feature attractions, exhibits, and reenactments designed to make the Bible come alive. For example, the Exodus exhibit will not only help guests visualize the drama of the ten plagues; they’ll actually learn how each plague demonstrated the triumph of Israel’s God over specific Egyptian deities.

In the Land of Israel, our Temple exhibit will not have a scaled down temple building (that has been done at other parks), but will feature an immersive virtual reality temple complex that guests can actually explore on their own!

The Land of Babylon will explore the interaction of the nation of Israel with the eastern powers of Assyria, Babylonia, and Persia. Among the exhibits it includes is one on Numerology, which will examine the importance these ancient peoples placed on particular numbers and significant dates.

The Land of Rome will explore the New Testament and the expansion of the biblical story into the western world. The “What is Truth?” exhibit will challenge guests to avoid the cynicism of Pontius Pilate, who despaired of knowing truth, and to be on the lookout for false teachers, who spread lies under the guise of truth. Instead, we should mimic the example of the Bereans, who made careful examination to see if Paul’s message was true.

Naturally, every exhibit in Word-World™ will be “presented by Accordance Bible Software,” thereby increasing awareness of the Accordance brand—a brand that conveys integrity and an absolute unwillingness to promise more than we can deliver.

What better way to reinforce that corporate identity than through a theme park?