When we released the Nestle-Aland 28th edition of the Greek New Testament and apparatus (NA28) five years ago, we included everything given to us in electronic form by the publisher, but there were a few items not available to us at the time such as Eusebius’ Letter to Carpian (Epistula ad Carpianum) and the accompanying Canon Tables. Today, we are releasing a major update to the apparatus of the NA28 that not only includes the above mentioned items, but also makes a few other changes. This is a free update for those who have already purchased the NA28 and apparatus.

Eusebian Canon Table (NA28 apparatus)

In the updated apparatus (which can be viewed by itself or in parallel with the NA28 text), we have added Eusebius’ Letter to Carpian and textual notes as well as Eusebius’ Canon Tables I-X. There is a new search field, “Canon Tables” for searching specifically in the content of the latter addition.

Previously, we had a separate module dedicated to the NA28 cross references. Now, however, the cross references are integrated into the apparatus itself. Yes, that means that if you already own the NA28, you can delete the cross references module after updating unless you frequently use them in other contexts. The main text of the NA28 apparatus is now divided into three sections: (1) textual notes apparatus, (2) cross references, and (3) Eusebian Canon numbers.

NA28 revised apparatus

We still have to add Appendix III, Loci Citati Vel Allegati, to make the apparatus complete, but this section will be incorporated at a future date, also for no additional cost to previous purchasers.