Christian preaching, as part of the corporate worship of Christ’s church, is an expository exultation over the glories of God in his word, designed to lure God’s people from the fleeting pleasures of sin into the sacrificial path of obedient satisfaction in him.

—John Piper, God’s Passion for His Glory, p. 39.

The rich legacy of John Piper’s preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota is now available from Accordance Bible Software and Desiring God Ministries. Cataloguing the vast breadth of this popular preacher, author and conference speaker’s pulpit manuscripts from 1980 to 2010, Piper Sermons is fully searchable by date, topic, message text, and even sermon series.

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The Piper Sermons module is organized chronologically, allowing users to use the Browser to explore Piper’s preaching as it develops over time. Also prominently featured in the Browser is a Topic Index and a Series Index. The Topic Index allows users to see at a glance the titles of all sermons related to a particular topic. A single click on the title of one of the sermons takes the user to the sermon text. Considering that there are over 1150 sermons in the collection, the Topic Index is a great way for users to familiarize themselves with the scope of Piper’s preaching.

The Series Index likewise lists sermons according to the series in which they were preached. The series are arranged alphabetically and the sermons under each series title are all linked to the text, making it easy to access sermons of interest.

Sermon Topics and Sermon Series can also be searched via the field pop-up menu, making locating sermons according to Topics and Series easier for users who already know what they are searching for. In addition, Message Text can also be selected from the field pop-up menu, allowing users to search the collection for a particular Scripture text.

Users influenced by Piper, those looking for devotional reading, or those who would like to read Piper’s take on a particular passage or topic will find this sermon treasury indispensable.

Click here to order The John Piper Manuscript Library. It is also available bundled with the ESV.

(Article content and images updated September 2013)