The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible: The Oldest Known Bible Translated for the First Time into English
Authors: Martin Abegg, Peter W. Flint, and Eugene Ulrich
Publisher: HarperCollins (1999)

Reviews of the Book

“Here, finally, are all the biblical manuscripts from the Judaean Desert caves translated and annotated, with explanatory introductions. It is a splendid complement to the translations of the non-biblical scrolls which HarperSanFrancisco published earlier.”
–James Sanders, President, Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center

“For the first time all the biblical Qumran scrolls are now accessible in translation in this user-friendly book written by three prominent authorities in this field.”
–Professor Emanuel Tov, Editor-in-Chief, Qumran Publication Project

“If you want to know what the Dead Sea Scrolls say about the text of the Bible and you want to read the 2000-year-old-texts themselves, this is the book to own.”
–Hershel Shanks, Editor of Biblical Archaeology Review and author of The Mystery and Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls

“The biblical Dead Sea Scrolls have revolutionized our understanding of the Jewish scriptures, their origin, formation and role. Yet they remain largely ignored by the wider public that has devoured book after book on the non-biblical texts. Scholars, too, will find this volume invaluable.”
–Philip R. Davies, Professor of Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield

“[The editors] have completely succeeded in presenting the complex evidence in a very clear and accessible way. It should be used both by scholars and by the general public.”
–Florentino García Martínez, author of The Dead Sea Scrolls Translated and of The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition

“This is an immensely useful work which makes the biblical Qumran material readily available in English for the first time for scholars and students. It deserves to be very widely used.”
–John Barton, Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture, University of Oxford

“The authors of The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible have done a great service. . . . Now laymen can judge for themselves whether the biblical manuscr ipts which predate Christian times differ radically from the received text found, for example, in the King James version. The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible is a magnificent piece of work.”
–Frank Moore Cross, Hancock Professor Emeritus of Hebrew, Harvard University

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