[Editor’s Note: We recently welcomed David to our marketing team, and asked him to plunge right in writing a few blog posts as a newbie. This is the seventh and final article in that series.]

I love books. Truth be told, I’m responsible for more than 500 published books. Yet…I like books in Accordance 20 times more than books in print.

Like most people, I like to hold a book in my hand. What none of us like to do, however, is hold 20 books in our hand—let alone try to read them all in one fell swoop.

Yet for centuries, that’s what university professors and students, preachers and teachers, writers and mentors did. They looked for every book on their subject at hand, diligently searched for the relevant passages in each book, made extensive notes and citations, etc.

In recent weeks, family and friends have asked me, “Why do you love Accordance?” I pause, smile, and then say, “It’s simply brilliant.”

Take one of my wife’s favorite devotional books, Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening. It’s a favorite of mine, too. Yet the printed version is merely devotional. That is, I can’t use it to see what Spurgeon writes about (say) prayer. That is, what he writes beyond tomorrow morning’s reading (yes, I cheated and looked ahead).

October 29 - screenshot

With Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening in Accordance Bible Software, however, I simply type in the word “prayer” and instantly have 266 flex hits that stretch from the morning of January 2 to the evening of December 30. In other words, I now have a treasury of writings by Spurgeon on the subject of prayer.

Then again, if I want to see what Spurgeon writes on the Psalms, I simply select that Scripture book and instantly have 110 flex hits stretching from the morning of January 1 to the evening of December 23. (Just a few more than the one hit for the book of Obadiah the morning of July 23!)

Is it any wonder I’ve given away 95% of my personal library of printed books?

I now have a much larger library full of digital books that Accordance has tagged. So, every book, and every customized selection of books, and every book in the entire library (!), if I so wish, is readily accessible and instantly searchable…all with a few keystrokes.

In the end, it’s no wonder I like books in Accordance 20 times more than books in print. They’re so much better! They’re the best investment I can make. And, the best gifts I can give to others, especially when paired with (say) Accordance Starter.

So, what do you think? Do you really want to order any more printed books from Amazon, BarnesandNoble, ChristianBook, or similar?

This year, make the Accordance store your place to shop for books that will bless family and friends…20 times better!