Users have long requested the classic 56-volume Biblical Illustrator for Accordance. Well, now the wait is over, and we’re pleased to announce the release of the entire series, covering both Old and New Testament, complete in one Accordance module for ease of use and searching, available immediately.

What is The Biblical Illustrator? Well, imagine having a book of quotations, commentary, and Bible factbook all in one series. Imagine having a stellar lineup of contributors such as J. B. Lightfoot, Charles Spurgeon, D. L. Moody, John Wesley, B. F. Westcott, and scores of other well-known biblical commenters from history. Imagine a series edited by Joseph Exell, the editor of the Pulpit Commentary series (which is actually shorter than this series!). If you can put all of those components together, you would have The Biblical Illustrator.

Biblical Illustrator - macOS

The subtitle of The Biblical Illustrator says it all: “Anecdotes, Similes, Emblems, Illustrations, Expository, Scientific, Geographical, Historical, and Homiletic, Gathered from a Wide Range of Home and Foreign Literature, on the Verses of the Bible.” If you haven’t already guessed it, The Biblical Illustrator lives up to his name by delivering a treasure trove of content to preachers and teachers of the Bible for communicating the message of Scripture. This is the kind of resource you’ll want to put near the top of your Commentary folder in your Accordance Library so that it is always available in the Accordance Info Pane!

The Biblical Illustrator was designed not only for preachers and teachers but also for personal study. Another goal for the reader was simply an economic one: with so many excerpts available in The Biblical Illustrator, there was less need to purchase countless volumes of other titles for study. For the modern reader, The Biblical Illustrator this goal translates to “the best of the best” of the era from when it was written, saving one the hassle of having to plow through content in a myriad of other resources that may not be quite as relevant today.

The Biblical Illustrator works best in Accordance when used in parallel with a biblical text. Although it’s not a traditional commentary, it is set up like one. This allows you to quickly access its riches directly from the content you’re teaching, preaching, or studying. When set in a Zone in Accordance by itself, you can search for content by a variety of specific fields that our developers have carefully matched to the content of the Biblical Illustrator. Want to find quotes by a particular contributor? Use the Authors field to find all content by Charles Hodge, Adam Clark, St. Augustine, and others.

The Biblical Illustrator is no longer in print today, but when it was, it filled over 34,000 pages in 56 volumes. Having it in Accordance means you don’t have to find a used copy or travel to a library. In fact, we can even make corrections to errors in the original copy if anyone reports one. Although this series was written a century ago, it’s probably most accessible now in a digital form.


The Biblical Illustrator
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