This post continues our look at ministers who use Accordance. If you would like to share your story, please email [email protected].

Catherman I’m a guy who loves paper books, especially thick ones. I have shelves full of them in my study. But they don’t do me much good when I’m at the coffee shop, on visitation, or in a hurry.

Books are especially difficult when I’m not even sure where to start my research for a sermon or doctoral paper. Accordance and Accordance Mobile are not only lifesavers, they make me a better pastor.

I use Accordance to prepare for sermons and conduct research for papers. It’s also my source for devotional study and curious rabbit trails. I could do almost everything I do on Accordance with paper books (if I owned such a huge paper library), but it would take me much longer, it wouldn’t be as fun, and it would be a serious drag hauling so many books around in my trunk.

Thanks for all you do Accordance! Keep up the great work.

Pastor Bryan Catherman
Redeeming Life Church
Salt Lake City, Utah