The beginning of a new year brings the opportunity to renew commitments, and one of the greatest commitments for any believer is the reading of the Bible in its entirety. With this idea in mind, we are pleased to announce the release of the Butler Daily Readings Collection. Long prized for the exegetical insights from John G. Butler, the print edition comprises four volumes. Now in Accordance, The Butler Daily Bible can be employed for daily reflection with a Windows tablet, iPad or iPhone, or a traditional desktop or laptop computer if prefered.

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The Butler Daily Bible divides the Bible into 365 daily readings. In vol. 1, Butler gives an overview, or synopsis, of the chapters for each particular day’s reading. Volumes 2-3 offer “sermonettes” in which Butler goes into greater detail over a particular idea, phrase or verse in the daily reading. Each of the first three volumes has a hyperlink to the questions that are in the fourth volume.

So, for instance, January 1’s readings are from Genesis 1-3. In practice, the reader will first read the first three chapters of Genesis before reading the content in The Butler Daily Bible. In turning to Butler’s works, the reader could go to vol. 1, which offers a synopsis of each chapter, somewhat like a mini-commentary. For this same reading, vol. 2 focuses in on the idea of “Beginning with God” and reflects only on the phrase, “In the beginning God” from Genesis 1:1. If vol. 3 is referenced, the focus is on “Man’s Beginning” with a sermonette on Gen 2:7. All three volumes link to the questions in the fourth volume, which I’ll come back to in a moment.

Butler vols. 2-3

The Butler Daily Bible is designed for flexibility so the reader can use this series however he or she wants. The content of the first volume, especially, can be used as a commentary in parallel with any biblical text in Accordance. Each volume can be used for daily readings separately over three years, or they can be used together in the same year.

The questions in vol. 4 are especially important because the goal of this series is not merely for the intent of reading through the Bible by itself, but rather for the specific purpose of reading “through the Bible with meaning and understanding,” as stated in the introduction. The questions not only make this a great tool for building individual retention, but they also make this series especially useful for family or group devotions.

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One more thing… as any regular reader of John G. Butler will know, these daily readings aren’t always meant to be light, “feel good” thoughts. As stated in the introduction,

The sermonette devotionals in this book are not “feel-good” sentimentalism, but they are expository studies of the Scriptures. They are generally outlined and alliterated in the typical writing style of the author. While the sermonettes are primarily intended to be instructional and inspirational for one’s daily Bible reading, they are also helpful as sermon starters and aids for those giving a devotional.

Whether reading Butler’s Daily Bible on one’s own, or in a family or other group, the reader will not just read through the Bible, but also become better acquainted with the challenging message of the Scriptures along the way.


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