Carta Jerusalem Atlas cover 3D Today we’re releasing The Carta Jerusalem Atlas (3rd Updated and Expanded Edition) by Dan Bahat, which was formerly known as Carta’s Illustrated Atlas of Jerusalem.

The updated and revised third edition of The Illustrated Atlas of Jerusalem takes this standard reference to a new level with an expanded size. Through the lavish use of maps, diagrams, reconstructions and color photographs, the historical and architectural development of the Holy City unfolds before the reader. Each major period in Jerusalem’s 4,000-year history is dealt with at length and instructively, with information based on the latest archaeological findings and scientific research.

Although no atlas is the same as going to the actual location, The Carta Jerusalem Atlas allows you to take a deep dive into the background of the most important location in biblical studies. Early chapters begin with pre-historical Jerusalem; but then the Atlas journeys through the biblical periods and post-biblical occupations including Roman, Byzantine, Crusader, Muslim, and Ottoman. Finally, three chapters cover modern Israel from the British Mandate to today.

Also included in The Carta Jerusalem Atlas is a chapter on Jerusalem’s topography; guides to sites, institutions, and street names of the Old City, an extensive bibliography, and the full index of the original print edition. Of course Accordance users have the advantage of searching for any word or phrase, regardless of whether it is in the print index or not. Page numbers from the print edition are also included for reference or citation.

Carta Jerusalem Atlas screenshot

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And, of course, because this is an atlas, The Carta Jerusalem Atlas includes over 300 images—maps, charts, and photographs. Anyone interested in knowing a complete history of Jerusalem will find this volume indispensable.

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