Christian's Pocket Guide set 11 New for the Accordance Library from Christian Focus Publications: A Christian’s Pocket Guide Series is the perfect quick reference on your mobile phone or tablet. Written from a conservative Reformed perspective, this 11-volume series—covering a wide variety of topics—will allow you to grow your faith and deepen your understanding of spiritual realities in the world today.

For better or worse, we live in a very busy world. Sometimes we need to get up to speed on a subject very quickly, not just for our own knowledge, but also to be able to inform or converse intelligently with others. A Christian’s Pocket Guide Series is the perfect resource for getting quick information about doctrine, apologetics, world religions and more in an extremely expedient manner. Ranging in length from around 80 to 125 pages, this series is an excellent “first stop” reference. Each of the short volumes includes a bibliography pointing the reader to more in-depth resources when other study is required.

A Christian’s Pocket Series includes 11 volumes, written by prominent Evangelical writers on the following subjects:

As already mentioned, A Christian’s Pocket Guide series is an excellent first step in research on any of the subjects covered in the series. While you can certainly access the series on any device, we especially recommend keeping them handy on your mobile devices for those moments when quick access is of utmost necessity.

Christian's Pocket Guide - Buddhism - Android tablet

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