Here’s another quick Accordance tip that can save you a lot of time:

Need to Modify an existing search? Duplicate your search window.

Let’s say you’re doing your sermon prep and you have your workspace all set up the way you need it, when you get an emergency call from a member of your congregation seeking counsel. You want to look up a passage you think he’ll find encouraging, but you don’t want to lose your existing sermon prep setup. Simply use command-D to duplicate your search window and then look up the passage in the new window that appears. When you’re finished you can close this second window and get right back to your sermon prep.

Here’s another example of how duplicating a window can be useful. Let’s say you’ve done a search in the GNT and want to repeat that search in the LXX. Simply use command-D and change the search text in the new window from GNT to LXX. It’s true that you can often accomplish the same thing by amplifying, but sometimes it’s quicker just to duplicate a window and change the search parameters.

There are lots of times you’ll find duplicating a resource to be useful, and you can simply use command-D (a Mac-standard keyboard shortcut) to accomplish it.