Study The Pastor’s Study series of blog posts has been immensely popular—so much so that on the weeks I missed getting one posted, people on the Accordance forums would anxiously ask if the series was over. I’ve now run out of guest posts by individual pastors, but I want to keep the series going by asking a little less of a lot more of you. Are you a pastor who would like to contribute to the next Pastor’s Study post but who doesn’t have time to write a dissertation about your sermon-prep workflow? Then read on:

Most pastors don’t have the money to spend on resources they’ll never end up using, so I want the next Pastor’s Study post to provide helpful advice on which Accordance resources you pastors have found most helpful. Specifically, I’m interested in the resources which have surprised you by becoming more helpful to you than you originally anticipated. So here’s my question:

Have you ever bought an Accordance module you thought would be somewhat helpful, only to find that it has become one of your most valuable resources? Something you thought you would use occasionally which you now find yourself consulting all the time? If so, what are those modules and why do you think they have exceeded your initial expectations?

I asked this question on the forums over the weekend and have already gotten a couple of helpful responses, but I’m looking for more. You can add your own response in the comments on this post or in the forum thread I just linked to. All I ask is that you give me a brief description of why you originally purchased the module, how it has exceeded your expectations, and why you would recommend it to other pastors. Please also include your name and title as you would like it to appear in the blog post.

Thanks for your help.