CSB Study Bible 3D Last week, we released the CSB Study Bible notes for Accordance Bible Software. Our users have eagerly awaited the release of these study Bible notes since they were first released in print.

Naturally, Accordance users who already have the HCSB Study Bible notes in their libraries will want to know what’s different in the new CSB edition. I will get to that below, but first, the features of the CSB Study Bible notes:

  • 15,000+ study notes

  • 368 word studies

  • 94 photographs

  • 61 timelines• 55 maps

  • 34 articles/essays

  • 21 illustrations/reconstructions

  • 19 charts

  • Book introductions and outlines

  • 52-week Scripture Memory Plan

  • Separate Accordance module for CSB Crossreferences

  • Separate Accordance module for a one-year CSB Study Bible Reading Plan that combines both M’Cheyne Family Readings and M’Cheyne Secret Readings into one plan.

Purchasers of the previous HCSB Study Bible notes will have two questions: (1) What is the difference between the two editions, and (2) is there an upgrade path? I reached out to Lifeway and was told that while there is a great amount of common material between the two volumes, there is new content as well.

CSB Study Bible - iPad

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In the update to the new CSB Study Bible notes, there is now an additional front matter essay on “Reading the Bible for Transformation” by Briah H. Cosby. At the end of the New Testament notes, readers will discover an article by Sean McDowell, “What Really Happened to the Apostles” that explores events after the Gospels and Acts. In addition to these, there are six additional essays:

And, of course, all notes and word studies have been updated to reflect the wording of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) in place of the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB).

CSB Study Bible + Daily Reading - macOS

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Unfortunately, there is not a direct upgrade path between the new editions, so Accordance users who purchased the previously available HCSB Study Bible notes will have to decide if the changes and additions in the new CSB Study Bible notes are worth the price.

Note that the Christian Standard Bible translation must be purchased separately. In Accordance, the CSB Study Bible notes can be placed in parallel with the CSB or any other text or translation of the Bible.

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