IAuthorTalk logof you haven’t discovered Ron Way’s AuthorTalk website yet, I encourage you to check it out. It’s described as a “site where you can hear some of your favorite spiritual and religious authors tell their own stories in their own words.”

In the most recent installment, Ron interviews our very own David Lang, who is the Vice President of Development at Accordance Bible Software. David has been around since the very beginning of Accordance and knows both the history of the company as well as the software itself more than most.

The interview is about 21 minutes long. Ron Way uses Accordance himself and is one of the early adopters from the early 90s. The interview is very interesting because David talks about the beginnings of the company and includes some personal anecdotes about the early days.

The interview is also a great introduction to Accordance itself and our Collections, which are designed as introductory points for using Accordance. Current users may want to pass this interview on to potential Accordance users as a way to introduce them to the platform.

There are a number of options for listening to Ron’s interview with David:

Our thanks to Ron for hosting this interview with David. And I’ve now subscribed to the AuthorTalk podcast on iTunes!