E. Stanley Jones “The Bible redirects my will, cleanses my emotions, enlightens my mind, and quickens my total being.”

–E. Stanley Jones as quoted in The Complete Gathered Gold

Few Christian ministers of the modern age have taken the command to “Go into all the world and preach the Good News… (Mark 6:15) as seriously as did the late E. Stanley Jones (1884 – 1973). Called “the world’s greatest missionary evangelist” by Time Magazine in 1938, E. Stanley Jones served as a missionary in India, China and Japan.

Jones was a tireless communicator, delivering tens of thousands sermons and lectures, regularly traveling over 50 weeks a year, and often spoke up to six times a day. Also a prolific writer, Jones wrote over 30 books and is widely read today, four decades after his passing.

Now Accordance users can benefit from the experience and wisdom of E. Stanley Jones in four years’ worth of devotional readings not available currently in any other Bible software program. The Accordance E. Stanley Jones Collection comes with the following four titles:

Victorious Living. E. Stanley Jones wrote Victorious Living in 1936 to respond to inquirers who had come to him morally and spiritually defeated. They were inwardly beaten, thus outwardly ineffective. The book responds with individual and social emphases, and goes step by step, as if on a ladder, to work through the pressing questions of the inner life and how it extends outward. Each daily reading offers essential truths and eternal principles: keys to victorious living in the circumstances we encounter every day.

Jones Victorious Living
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Abundant Living, the sequel to Victorious Living, continues the journey toward extraordinary life through trusting God and self-surrender. Through the vibrant writings of E. Stanley Jones, discover not only how God desires more for us than we could ever think or imagine, but freely gives us that abundant life of body, mind, and spirit.

Jones Abundant Living

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The Way. This practical volume leads step-by-step through the implications of the Way—God’s Way—in every aspect of life. It progresses through 52 topics with daily readings, Scripture references, and prayer. A sequel to Victorious Living and Abundant Living, The Way offers a positive solution for mental and spiritual confusion, and guidance for a life filled with meaning.

Jones The Way

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The Word Became Flesh. This updated classic contains 364 daily devotionals revolving around “And the Word became flesh” (John 1:14) and its meaning for a transformed life. From his wide experience with world religions and contact with believers across the globe, E. Stanley Jones explains the difference between Christianity (in which God reaches toward humanity through Jesus Christ) and other faiths (in which humanity reaches toward God in various ways). Also includes Discussion guide for 52 weeks with several questions for reflection and conversation, Scripture and Topical index.

Jones Word Became Flesh

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Note: These devotionals are arranged by week number and day of the week (i.e. Week 4: Thursday) so they can be started at any time, and read in any order. They are formatted and categorized as Writings in Accordance 11 and in General Tools in Accordance Mobile.

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Collection of 4 Devotionals by E. Stanley Jones

Contains the four works listed below (each of which are also available individually):

  • Victorious Living
  • Abundant Living
  • The Way
  • The Word Became Flesh


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Jones-Victorious Living

Victorious Living: 364 Daily Devotions

Hope for those who feel morally and spiritually defeated as they are inwardly beaten, thus outwardly ineffective.

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Jones-Abundant Living

Abundant Living: 364 Daily Devotions

Abundant Living, the sequel to Victorious Living, continues the journey toward extraordinary life through trusting God and self-surrender.

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Jones-The Way

The Way: 364 Daily Devotions

For those searching for truth and a map to help lead them down the path of the Way.

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Jones-Word Became Flesh

The Word Became Flesh: 364 Daily Devotions

Updated 2006 edition.

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