Cook Dictionary -ds Edward M. Cook’s Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic is an extremely specialized lexicon. As Cook states in the introduction, this reference work “is in a sense a fragment of a dictionary, since Qumran Aramaic is only a fragment of a language” (p. ix). You can find more information about this resource in the Accordance web store, but I thought I might offer a few tips for using this resource after exploring it myself a bit.

  1. This probably goes without saying but make certain that the Qumran Non-biblical Manuscripts are also a part of your Accordance Library as Cook’s Dictionary is designed to provide lexical information for the text in that manuscript collection

  2. The manuscript hyperlinks are designed to open in the Qumran Non-biblical Manuscripts, but if this does not happen when you click on a hyperlinked manuscript reference, you might need to change this in the settings for the dictionary. Do this by making certain the dictionary is the active pane and pressing Control-T (Windows) or Command-T (Mac) to open the Set Tool Display settings. Under Hypertext, change your Text setting to the Qumran Non-biblical Manuscripts, and make certain you choose “Use as Default,” so you don’t have to set it again. Now when you click on the manuscript hyperlinks, the correct text will open to the reference selected.

  3. Unless you’re spending almost all of your time in the Qumran Non-biblical Manuscripts module, you probably don’t want to change your default Hebrew lexicon to the Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic. However, you can still achieve the same result by using the Amplify feature instead. Simply double-click the Aramaic word in your text to select it (you should now see it highlighted), and then click on the amplify icon next to the Dictionary in the Accordance Library window or select it from the Amplify menu.

Cook Dictionary Aramaic

Click the image above to see a larger view of Cook’s Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic.

Again, although this resource is extremely specialized, if you’re working with the Qumran Non-biblical Manuscripts a lot, you will find this lexicon much more helpful than the more general offerings.

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Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic (Cook)

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