Accordance eAcademy: June 2020

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On June 23, we hald a live eAcademy event. Videos from the sessions can be viewed below.


Dr. Martin G. Abegg Jr., The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls: This session reviews the evidence among the Dead Sea Scrolls for the Hebrew Bible focusing on what the collection has to tell us about text types, canon, sectarian reading habits, and the Hebrew language of the Second Temple period. Dr. Abegg also touches on the recent news of modern forgeries and the exciting prospect of how DNA can help us research the DSS.  (PowerPoint Lecture, Q&A, concludes with brief module presentation.)

David Lang, First Look at the New Accordance Timeline

With 5 new regions and nearly 3 times the number of items, the new Accordance Timeline presents biblical history against the backdrop of world history. And with helpful new descriptions and features, it has never been easier to use. This session introduces you to this major upgrade and show you how to get the most out of the new Accordance Timeline.

Elliot Taylor, A Biblical Theology of Discipleship & The Task of Becoming Faithful Witnesses

During this session Elliot Taylor investigates what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ in this present age. He also delves into the “detractors” commonly associated with the discipleship enterprise and then explores the task of becoming His faithful witnesses.


Trainer Bios

Dr. Martin G. Abegg Jr. is a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, researcher, and emeritus professor of Biblical Studies. In the early 90s, Dr. Abegg with his dissertation advisor, Ben Zion Wacholder, was responsible for reconstructing the full text of the Dead Sea Scrolls from an unpublished preliminary concordance, a project that helped break the lengthy publication monopoly held on the scrolls. He went on to co-direct the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute at Trinity Western University from 1995 to 2015.

Dr. Abegg published The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation with colleagues Edward Cook and Michael Wise and The Dead Sea Scrolls Biblewith Peter Flint and Eugene Ulrich. Dr. Abegg has also played a lead role in the production of the following Accordance modules: Qumran Non-Biblical Manuscripts (Hebrew, tagged)Qumran Non-Biblical Manuscripts: A New English TranslationDead Sea Scrolls Biblical ManuscriptsBiblical DSS Manuscripts VariantsJudean Desert CorpusKaufmann Hebrew Mishna (tagged)Old Testament PeshittaSamaritan Pentateuch (Hebrew, Tagged)Sirach (Hebrew, Syriac, and English), and the Index of Dead Sea Scrolls Manuscripts.

David Lang developed the data for the original Accordance Timeline as well as the new upgrade.  He has also authored or co-authored Accordance’s Bible Lands PhotoGuide and Bible Times PhotoMuseum and teaches video Bible lessons on the YouTube channel Bible2Life.

Elliot Taylor currently teaches various online courses for Faith International University & Seminary (located in Tacoma, WA). He has previously served in various outreach ministries, as a church elder, assistant pastor, interim Sr. pastor, and most recently as a family-life pastor. He and his family currently attend True Life Church in Newark, Delaware.

Elliot is committed to “serving the servants” and is passionate about “developing transformational leaders” and “training & equipping disciple-makers.”