May 12th Accordance eAcademy 2020

On May 12, 2020, we offered a three-session, one-day eAcademy Event with three sessions covering the following subjects: Designing Workspaces, Biblical Archeology, and Intermediate Greek!”

Video recordings of these sessions can be found below.

Workspaces: Creating, Designing, Saving, and Using Workspaces for Beginners (Richard Perry)

All about workspaces! This session will provide strategies, suggestions, and instructions for creating and customizing workspaces for the way you want to work. From simple to more complex, workspaces are a powerful way to focus, study, and research. This session will cover several types of workspaces such as topical studies, verse studies, word studies, and more.

The Importance of Archaeology in Biblical Studies (Dr. Roy Brown)

This session will demonstrate how archaeology can help to illuminate the background and context of the Bible. There will be a review of the most important pictures, objects, inscriptions, and sites from archaeology that help to better understand the Bible.

Stepping Up Your Greek Game: Intermediate-Level Greek Searches (Mark Allison)

This session assumes you’ve had a semester or two of biblical Greek and want to go even deeper in learning the language. Abram will demo some Greek lexical and grammatical resources available in Accordance for the intermediate learner. He will also show how you can make use of diagrams, searches for targeted vocabulary acquisition, and basic Greek construct searches.


  • Dr. Roy Brown—Dr. Roy Brown is the original developer of Accordance, the cutting-edge Bible software for Bible Study, research, and translation of the Bible, since 1994. He has taught the Bible for many years in the United States and Israel, in English and in Hebrew.
  • Mark Allison – Mark has been with Accordance since 2002 and currently works as a content developer and trainer. He has undergraduate degree in Missiology (Toccoa Falls College) as well as MA degrees in Anthropology (University of Georgia) and Theological Studies (Liberty University).  He and his wife Lu four kids—Sophia, Lydia, Evangeline and Levi. Mark also serves as the director of Covenant Life School of Ministry, a 4-year leadership school for lay leaders.
  • Richard Perry – Richard is both a teacher and speaker sharing how technology is a powerful tool for biblical studies. His presentations are informative in discovering how technology can enhance ministry and change lives. He is currently an adjunct instructor at Faith International University and has been involved in the development and training of Bible software for more than 25 years.