On March 24 & 25, 2020, we offered a special, two-day Accordance eAcademy that was free for anyone who wanted to attend. If you were not able to participate in these sessions, we have included the video recording for each session below.

“Students of the Word”

Accordance makes it easy to study like a Bible scholar!  As a student of the Word, your research will be more rewarding and your studies or writing of papers will be more accomplished as you learn the power of Accordance.

The Accordance eAcademy offers live web-based training on how to study more effectively and with greater results.  Far beyond teaching you the various features of an application, these workshops show you how to apply those features to your own study and service to others!

Workshop #1 (Richard M.)

Strategies for Students Who Use Accordance (and Profs, too!)

Trying to figure out how to fit Accordance in your studies? This webinar will show you proven strategies for taking class notes, studying Greek and Hebrew, researching term papers, and more. Although geared for students, pastors, profs, and others will benefit from this session, too.

Workshop #2 (Abram K-J)

“Really Simplify Greek Studies with Accordance!” (Beginner Class but ALL can benefit)

As soon as you start learning Greek, you can access features and tools in Accordance that will help you retain your Greek for years to come.

Workshop #3 (David Lang)

“Really Simplify Hebrew Studies with Accordance!” (Beginner Class but ALL can benefit)

Hebrew is a much simpler language than Greek, yet its foreignness leads many students to shy away from it. In this session, we’ll see how easy and helpful learning Hebrew can be, particularly with a powerful study aid like Accordance.

Workshop #4(Guest Speaker: Dr. Roy Brown)

“Introduction to the Hebrew Language”

Workshop #5 (Richard M.)

“You CAN Take It with You – Going Mobile with Accordance for iOS and Android”

Accordance goes wherever you go! Discover strategies for using Accordance for preaching, teaching and study on mobile devices of all kinds.

Workshop #6 (Richard P.)

“Bible Overview – Introduction to Using Accordance for Conducting Book-by-Book Overviews!”

Description: How can you survey all the books of the Bible in a few hours?  When were they written and by whom? Do they have a major theme? How would you summarize them? Learn a few tip and tricks along with the tools to help you accomplish this daunting but enlightening task with Accordance.

Workshop #7 (Abram K-J)

Learning Systematic Theology Using Accordance!

Description: This session will focus on systematic theology resources available in Accordance, as well as show you how to maximize user-created modules as a repository of your own theological insights. We will pay special attention to moving from the biblical text to theological principles.

Workshop #8(Guest Speaker: Dr. H. Wayne House)

“The Necessity of Expository Preaching to be Faithful to the Scriptures”


  • David Lang – David Lang publishes video Bible lessons on the YouTube channel Bible2Life, and is currently finishing a book examining the Bible’s teaching on marriage. He has also authored or co-authored Accordance’s Bible Lands PhotoGuide and Bible Times PhotoMuseum, as well as the book Macs in the Ministry and six volumes of Northland Church’s Journey to Spiritual Maturity series.
  • Richard Mansfield – Richard Mansfield serves as Technology Evangelist for Accordance Bible Software. He has been using Accordance since 1998 and came on with the company fulltime in 2014. He has MDiv and ThM degrees from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Richard and his wife, Kathy, live in Louisiana and attend St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Shreveport.
  • Abram Kielsmeier-Jones – Abram Kielsmeier-Jones is Pastor of Union Congregational Church in Gloucester, MA. He is a husband, father, runner, musician, wannabe basketball player, and follower of Jesus. He came to Accordance as a reviewer of Accordance 10 in 2012 and has been using it regularly ever since. Since 2015 he’s led Accordance Webinars on a variety of topics.
  • Richard Perry – Richard Perry is both a teacher and speaker sharing how technology is a powerful tool for biblical studies. His presentations are informative in discovering how technology can enhance ministry and change lives. He is currently an adjunct instructor at Faith International University and has been involved in the development and training of Bible software for more than 25 years.


  • Dr. Roy Brown – Dr. Roy Brown is the original developer of Accordance, the cutting-edge Bible software for Bible Study, research, and translation of the Bible, since 1994. He has taught the Bible for many years in the United States and Israel, in English and in Hebrew.
  • Dr. H. Wayne House – Dr. H. Wayne House is Distinguished Professor of Theology, Law, and Culture at Faith International University and Seminary in Tacoma, Washington. He formerly was Professor of Constitutional Law at Trinity Law School and Professor of Theology and Culture at Trinity Graduate Schools, Trinity International University, Santa Ana, California, and Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary.

    Dr. House has been author, co-author, or editor of nearly forty books and author of more than one-hundred journal and magazine publications, and a contributor to several books, dictionaries and encyclopedias. He speaks and teaches on a variety of subjects such as apologetics, law, science, cultism, philosophy, theology, and biblical studies. In addition, he leads biblical study tours to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Italy.