May 19, 2021: “Equipped for Serious Study”

Three distinctive workshops covering Hebrew grammar, New Testament textual criticism, and exciting new features coming to Accordance!

This Accordance eAcademy offers live, web-based teaching that strives to focus on distinctive and practical topics, presentation of beneficial resources, and training on how to study more effectively using Accordance! 


Hebrew Fundamentals: The Participle
Dr. Russell T. Fuller

Mastering the fundamentals is essential for any field of study or pursuit. What are the fundamentals for the Biblical Hebrew participle? A participle is a verbal adjective, but is that the full definition of a participle? Should it be classified as a verbal form, a nominal form, or an adjectival form (or a combination of (some) these)? What are its usages in Biblical Hebrew? How does it compare and contrast with English and Greek participles? When a form can be parsed as a verb or participle, how can one decide? These and other questions will be approached from a traditional Semitic perspective.

Do We Really Have Peace with God? A Reexamination of Romans 5:1
Dr. Daniel B. Wallace

There’s an interesting textual variant in Romans 5:1. Does the text read “We have peace with God” or “Let us have peace with God”? Join textual criticism expert Dr. Dan Wallace as he describes how the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts is discovering new evidence for answering exegetical questions such as this.

First Look: What’s NEW in Accordance 13.2 for Windows & macOS
Joel Brown

Accordance 13.2 for Windows and macOS is a major update to the Accordance platform, delivering new features, some of which are highly anticipated. And best of all, this update is FREE! Join the head of Accordance development himself as Joel Brown walks you through this extremely significant release.


Joel Brown has been writing Accordance code for over a decade.  He is now the lead software developer and has been instrumental in developing Accordance for Windows, Accordance for iOS 3.0, the upcoming Accordance v. 13.2, and many more projects.  Famously, Joel enjoys a good challenge, and many of Accordance’s features have originated with a customer or colleague proposing something difficult, yet fascinating.  When not writing the best Bible Software on the planet, Joel is an avid musician, performing trombone with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, or piano in his local congregation.

Dr. Russell T. Fuller (PhD, Hebrew Union University) is a semiticist and theologian specializing in biblical languages. For over two decades, Dr. Fuller taught Old Testament classes, including courses in Hebrew and Aramaic, at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Prior to his position at SBTS, he taught Old and New Testament at Mid-Continent College in Mayfield, Kentucky. Dr. Fuller is the author of Biblical Hebrew: A Beginning Grammar. You can take classes taught by Dr. Fuller online by registering at

Dr. Daniel B. Wallace has taught Greek and New Testament courses on a graduate school level since 1979. He has a Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary where he is currently Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies. His Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament (Zondervan, 1996) has become a standard textbook in colleges and seminaries. He is the senior New Testament editor of the NET Bible. Dr. Wallace is also the Executive Director for the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts.