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Topics Covered

  • The Book of Revelation & Christ’s Seven Last Words to the Church
  • Morphological Color Coding in the Greek New Testament
  • An exegetical look at the third chapter of John


Profiles in Johannine Discipleship: Nicodemus in John 3 (Dr. Elliott Mallory-Greene)

Nicodemus stands as an enigmatic and intriguing figure in John’s narrative. His introductory comments suggest that he [Nicodemus] understands Jesus; however, in the ensuing conversation with Jesus, it becomes apparent that he does not. Our seminar will explore some of the nuancing and insinuations provided by the Greek texts of John and comparisons to other persons in John in an attempt to place Nicodemus in John’s grid of discipleship and theology. Accordance Bible Software will be integral in assisting us in this investigation.

Dr. Elliott Mallory–Greene (a.k.a. “Prof”) is in his 41st year of pastoral service and has taught Biblical Languages and Exegesis, and Pastoral Theology for over 30 years; at Dallas Theological Seminary (Dallas, TX), Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia, PA/Dallas, TX), Redeemer Theological Seminary (Dallas, TX), and at Faith International University and Seminary (Tacoma, Washington).  As the president and principal of CEED/Discipleship Solutions, “Prof” has a special assignment and calling to train shepherds, teachers and servants of Jesus Christ who will pursue the glory of God by becoming Spirit-led, skilled, mission-minded teachers of the Word of God. The work of the kingdom requires individuals whose lives and teaching serve as valuable testimonies to the saving and transforming power God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Prof also currently serves at the Good Hope M.B.C. (Houston, TX) as the instructor for the Wednesday Worship in the Word Bible Study, and as the advisor for the Youth Ministry’s teaching team.

Morphological Color Coding in Accordance as an Aid for Greek Reading and Comprehension (Dr. Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman)

Using a morphological color coding scheme of the Greek New Testament provides a quick and handy visual aid for understanding the Greek text. Specifically, it helps Identify the key structure of a Greek sentence (main verb and subject), subordinating clauses (participle and infinitive clauses, genitive absolute clauses), and breaks out prepositional phrases. It makes it easier to see other syntactical features and allows us to compare syntactical complexity. We can also note the word order emphasis in a Greek sentence, pronominal subject emphasis, and foregrounding of other sentence elements. All the visual cues serve to speed up one’s reading of the Greek as well as to note more clearly the nuances of the Greek text. The session will also show how one can use a Greek Construct search to highlight syntactical features and apply highlighting styles.

Dr. Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman, MDiv (Luther [Northwestern] Theological Seminary), PhD (Yale University), is Glatfelter Professor of Biblical Studies at United Lutheran Seminary. Previously, he had fourteen years of parish experience in Minnesota and North Dakota. Dr. Hoffman is co-author of the Atlas of the Bible (Fortress Press, 2019). Some of his other ongoing work is available at his websites:, and his blog, Bible and Tech.

The Seven Last Words to the Church (Abram Kielsmeier-Jones)

Yes, you can find the beast, a dragon, and horsemen in the book of Revelation. But the book, as interpreters have often noted, is first and foremost about Jesus (“The revelation of Jesus Christ,” Rev. 1:1). After the book is about Jesus—detailed especially in chapter 1—it is a book about the church. John shares a vision with seven churches in Revelation 2-3 that still has import for the church today. 

Join Abram Kielsmeier-Jones as he leads a session on Revelation’s first three chapters, all about Jesus and all about the church. In particular, Abram will show how to maximize Accordance software to come up with an overview and outline of Revelation 1-3, as well as explore the vocabulary of those three chapters (with special attention to the Greek). Abram will also show how to find and maximize commentaries on Revelation, and conclude with suggestions for how to preach and teach the first three chapters of the book.

Abram Kielsmeier-Jones is Pastor of South End Neighborhood Church, a diverse, urban church in Boston. He is a husband, father, runner, musician, wannabe basketball player, and follower of Jesus. He came to Accordance as a reviewer of Accordance 10 in 2012 and has been using it regularly ever since. Since 2015 he’s led Accordance webinars on a variety of topics.