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Bible Study at the NEXT LEVEL

We hear it from users all the time: I just don’t feel like I’m using Accordance at the level I wish I could. If you find yourself thinking this now and then, the May 2022 eAcademy is for you! We focused in on two kinds of Accordance use. One of these is what we refer to as Accordance Tools. These are the commentaries, dictionaries, journals, and other reference works you use in Accordance every day. In Accordance, these resources aren’t just ebooks but something much more, meant to interact with each other and biblical texts. And get ready to incorporate the Accordance Timeline: Expanded Edition into your studies as never before. The Accordance Timeline is more than just a graphical representation of history. Learn to use it to its fullest in all of your studies of the Bible, history, and interpretation. It’s time to take your Bible Study to the NEXT LEVEL!

Session 1

Power Tools: Getting the Most Out of Accordance Tool Modules (David Lang)

You do it every day: open an Accordance Tool module to read, search, and study. But are you really getting the most out of your dictionaries, commentaries, and other books? In this session, we’ll dig into power features that will make your use of Accordance Tools more streamlined, convenient, flexible, and efficient!

David Lang has been with Accordance since 1995. He has authored or co-authored Accordance’s Bible Lands PhotoGuide and Bible Times PhotoMuseum, as well as the book Macs in the Ministry and six volumes of Northland Church’s Journey to Spiritual Maturity series. His dirty little secret is that Accordance makes him look much smarter than he is!

Session 2

Taking the Accordance Timeline to the Next Level (Dr. Roy Brown)

Take your use of the Accordance Timeline to the Next Level with Dr. Roy Brown, the original founder of Accordance Bible Software. Dr. Brown will explore the philosophy behind the Accordance Timeline, the color coding and its importance, as well as an overview of how to use the Timeline in your research and studies. Also, Dr. Brown will update everyone on a number of new projects he’s been working on over the past two years.

Dr. Roy Brown is the original developer of Accordance, the cutting-edge Bible software for Bible Study, research, and translation of the Bible, since 1994. He has taught the Bible for many years in the United States and Israel, in English and in Hebrew.