Ages to Ages! Our Fall eAcademy session features sessions covering biblical studies that will help you explore the entire Bible: Old Testament, New Testament, and beyond! Plus, this eAcademy marks the return of Dr. Tim (“Dr. J”) Jenney to Accordance! Register now for our September eAcademy with three distinctive sessions designed to expand your understanding of biblical content. Participation is free but you must register for each session individually.

Topics Covered

  • The Structure of the Book of Revelation
  • The Hebrew Infinitive
  • An Overview of the newly-revised Accordance PhotoMuseum v. 3


Hebrew Fundamentals: The Infinitive Absolute and Construct
Dr. Russell T. Fuller

Mastering the fundamentals of any discipline is essential. Students and teachers alike often overlook and neglect the fundamentals. What are the fundamentals for the infinitives (absolute and construct) in Biblical Hebrew? Should infinitives be classified as a verbal form or a nominal form? How do they compare with other parts of speech in Hebrew? How do they compare with English and Greek infinitives? How do the infinitive absolute and the infinitive construct differ? Is the infinitive construct really in construct? What are their usages in Biblical Hebrew? These and other questions will be approached from a traditional Semitic perspective.

Dr. Russell T. Fuller (PhD, Hebrew Union University) is a semiticist and theologian specializing in biblical languages. For over two decades, Dr. Fuller taught Old Testament classes, including courses in Hebrew and Aramaic, at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Prior to his position at SBTS, he taught Old and New Testament at Mid-Continent College in Mayfield, Kentucky. Dr. Fuller is the author of Biblical Hebrew: A Beginning Grammar. You can take classes taught by Dr. Fuller online by registering at

The Structure of the Book of Revelation
Dr. Timothy (“Dr. J”) Jenney

The book of Revelation is not a haphazard collection of scenes, but a finely stitched tapestry woven of several very different kinds of literature. Join Dr. J as he demonstrates how Accordance’s advanced search and word count features enabled him to identify those genres—and how that enabled him to understand the structure of the book.

“Dr. J” is Timothy P. Jenney. Host and producer of Accordance’s Lighting the Lamp podcast for many years, Dr. J holds a PhD in Ancient and Biblical Studies (U Mich, 1993) and graduate degrees in History, Biblical Languages, and Near Eastern Studies. He has also served as a pastor, a high school teacher, and a college professor. He is the author of “Revelation” in Life in the Spirit New Testament Commentary, which is available in Accordance Bible Software.

A Deep Dive into the New PhotoMuseum 3
David Lang

Find out how to make the best use of the new Bible Times PhotoMuseum 3. A major upgrade to one of our best-selling visual tools, the PhotoMuseum 3 includes more than 200 new articles and several hundred additional images.

In addition to offering a quick tour of what’s new, this session will cover five ways to get the most out of the PhotoMuseum 3: You’ll learn to use it as…

  • a source for photographs to illustrate your sermons and lectures
  • a companion to the Timeline
  • a launching pad to further study
  • a guide to ancient peoples, cultures, and historical figures
  • a catalog of important inscriptions

David Lang has been with Accordance since 1995. He has authored or co-authored Accordance’s Bible Lands PhotoGuide and Bible Times PhotoMuseum, as well as the book Macs in the Ministry and six volumes of Northland Church’s Journey to Spiritual Maturity series. His dirty little secret is that Accordance makes him look much smarter than he is!