During the 2016 Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting (conference) in San Antonio, we had the opportunity to do video interviews with 17 scholars. They have been big fans of Accordance Bible Software for years, use it virtually every day, and love it!

Look for the edited video interviews after New Year’s. For now, here are quick snapshots thanks to videographer Melissa Brown.

Dr. Dorian Coover-Cox







Dr. Dorian Coover-Cox, Dallas Theological Seminary, http://www.dts.edu/about/profiles/Dorian_G_Coover-Cox

Dr. Benjamin Shin







Dr. Benjamin Shin, Talbot School of Ministry, https://www.biola.edu/directory/people/benjamin_shin

Dr. John (Jack) Fish







Dr. John (Jack) Fish, Emmaus Bible College, http://www.emmaus.edu/faculty-administration

Dr. Hershel Wayne House







Dr. Hershel Wayne House, Lampion Press, http://lampionpress.com/authors/

Dr. Nancy S. Dawson







Dr. Nancy S. Dawson, author of Accordance’s newly published Genealogies of the Bible, https://www.accordancebible.com/store/details/?pid=Genealogies

Gary Springer







Gary Springer, Torah Resources, http://www.torahresource.com/torahresource-staff

Oleg Kostyuk







Oleg Kostyuk, Cross Connection, http://crossconnection.hopetv.org/sample-page

Dr. Bill Mounce







Dr. Bill Mounce, Biblical Training, https://www.biblicaltraining.org/speaker/bill-mounce

Janet Payne







Janet Payne, Credible Christianity, http://www.crediblechristianity.org

Dr. Patrick Schreiner







Dr. Patrick Schreiner, Western Seminary, https://www.westernseminary.edu/academics/faculty/patrick-schreiner

Dr. Randall Buth







Dr. Randall Buth, Biblical Language Center, https://www.biblicallanguagecenter.com/randall-buth-biography/

Dr. Daniel Kim







Dr. Daniel Kim, Talbot School of Theology, https://www.biola.edu/directory/people/daniel-kim

Dr. J. Michael Miller







Dr. J. Michael Miller, SIL Translation Consultant

Dr. Roy E. Gane







Dr. Roy E. Gane, Andrews University, https://www.andrews.edu/~gane/roygane.html

Dr. James. A. Meek







Dr. James. A. Meek, http://www.onegreatstory.com/aboutjim.html

Dr. Daniel B. Wallace







Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, Dallas Theological Seminary, http://www.dts.edu/about/faculty/dwallace/

Dr. Eike Mueller







Dr. Eike Mueller, AIIAS Graduate School and Seminary, The Philippines, http://www.aiias.edu/en/academics/faculty/46-eike-mueller