Genealogies_120The Thanksgiving holiday in the United States is a celebration of family. It’s a time for parents and grandparents to hand down their recipes and instruct the younger generation in the art of carving a turkey. It’s a time to reflect on shared experiences, and a time to remember those who are no longer with us. In our very individualistic culture, it’s one of those rare occasions when we think beyond ourselves, when we take the time to revel in the family connections that have shaped our lives.

Family connections are central to the biblical narrative. Genesis introduces the human family, and genealogies connect the story across the centuries. Genealogies confirm prophecy, and remind us that God is concerned about us as individuals. They give us a glimpse into the lives of real people, and trace the messianic line across the testaments.

In her introduction to Genealogies of the Bible, author Nancy S. Dawson writes “Genealogies are one of the major literary genres of the Bible. They answer the fundamental question: Who are the people of God? … The genealogies establish a framework for understanding the biblical narratives in the broad historical, theological, and canonical contexts and reveal the big picture of God’s sovereignty and grace in salvation history.”

Nancy Dawson at ETS
Author Nancy Dawson discussing the Genealogies with Joel Brown at the ETS Annual Meeting
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In Accordance, Genealogies of the Bible is more than a list of charts. Designed to be used as a commentary, it can also be accessed through the Info Pane, revealing family trees as you move through the text. There are over 340 family trees and lists of important biblical characters. But it’s much more than that. Explanations of the connections between individuals are presented in detail, important events in each person’s life are highlighted, cross-references are supplied, and extra-biblical resources are utilized to help paint a clear picture of even the most obscure biblical characters.

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Genealogies of the Bible extends its range of focus beyond the genealogies themselves. It provides a detailed look at the judges of Israel, kings of the United and Divided monarchy, returnees to Jerusalem in the post-exile, men in King David’s army, administrative officials, temple servants, and much more.

Genealogies of the Bible is a unique resource, not only for individual study, but for teaching as well. Each of the diagrams is completely searchable, and can be used with the Accordance “Slide Show” feature to produce stunning presentations.

When encountering genealogies in the biblical narrative, many of us either skim these sections or skip them altogether, perhaps even seeing them as irrelevant. Genealogies of the Bible brings these to life, reminding us why family connections are so important.

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