After we updated our website and blog, I wrote a post offering some tips on subscribing to and navigating the blog. If you’re new to the whole blogosphere and find some of the terms are confusing, I recommend checking it out. Since then we’ve continued to experience a growing number of subscribers, to whom we’re thankful for continuing to read and interact with David’s hidden gems of Accordance as well as our various updates and promotions.

In this post I’d like to follow-up with some more tips on subscribing to the blog, and reading it on your iOS devices.

Based on our blog stats, most readers subscribe to the blog with Google Reader (or one of its related services). And for many of you that subscribe in this fashion, I’m sure you’ve noticed that our posts are truncated. This has been the number one reason why I subscribed to all feeds with Mail (because it mysteriously does not truncate the feed). But, I’ve recently found an awesome little app that has cured my Google Reader woes—Reeder for iPhone, iPad and soon for Mac (now in public beta). Reeder takes your Google Reader subscriptions and turns them into a whole new reading experience. You can even use it to subscribe to our User Forums.

The key feature of Reeder with regards to our blog (and others whose content is truncated), is ‘readability.’ With this feature you can instantly load the content of the entire post into the same window without launching a web browser.

The only drawback to Reeder is that you cannot (currently) manage your subscriptions. For that you’ll still have to launch your browser and log in to your Google Reader account.

Here are a couple Reeder screenshots, and below is a short screen cast with some advanced tips on subscribing to new content that I hope will make reading our blog a more pleasurable experience.

Reeder for Mac Reeder for iPhone with readability feature Reeder for iPad