Seminary Doesn't Have to be a BurdenOne of the most shocking things about seminary was the number of expensive books I had to buy—especially when it came to language study. I had taken Biblical Hebrew and Classical Greek in college, but somehow, none of the books I had bought in college would do for seminary. Instead of my inexpensive Hebrew Bible without apparatus, I was told I had to purchase a copy of Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. Instead of the Greek New Testament I had picked up in college, I needed to buy the current edition published by the United Bible Society. My seminary courses never taught me how to use these apparatuses, but I was told I needed them. Then there were the lexicons, grammars, Englishman’s concordances, and various other helps. By the time I was done buying all the “recommended books,” I was laden with tomes and had nothing left in my back pocket to help counterbalance the weight!

Thankfully, all that has changed. Cash-strapped students can get a good start on language study with the Scholar’s Introductory level, which is just $149. Better still, they can take advantage of our current Language Lab sale, which offers substantial discounts on Greek and Hebrew lexicons and grammars. And of course, a laptop loaded with all those resources is a lot easier to tote than a stack of heavy books.

Not a student? It doesn’t matter. The Language Lab sale is for you as well. Be sure to take advantage of these offers before the sale ends October 11.