Whether you are new to Accordance or just in need of a refresher, Getting Started with Accordance will get you up to speed in no time. This new tutorial includes instructions, graphics, videos, and step-by-step suggestions. And best of all, beginning today, it’s included in every Accordance 12 Starter Collection and higher!

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Getting Started with Accordance replaces our older Accordance Training Seminar Manual that initially we sold in print and later made available as a free PDF for download. And now it’s designed for any Accordance user, not just those who attend our seminars.

The original Training Manual had been written for Accordance v. 10, and then later updated to v. 11; but it was initially written at a time when Accordance was only available for the Macintosh platform. When we released our Windows version of Accordance in 2013, we added a couple of pages at the end of the Training Manual that covered a few minor Windows distinctions, but overall it still remained very Mac-centric. Well, no more!

You’ll notice that Getting Started with Accordance gives equal treatment to both Windows and Mac users, all the way down to distinctive key strokes between the two platforms. All of the images that had been in the older Training Manual have been updated and now include a mix of screenshots from both Mac and Windows.

Most importantly, Getting Started with Accordance updates the content of the previous Training Manual to Accordance v. 12! Although it’s not complete yet, there will soon be sections on new v. 12 features such as Stacks and Paper. When finished, there will be approximately 45 distinct sections, each with its own accompanying video that demonstrates the content in the respective section.

Getting Started with Accordance - Win

Click/tap the image above for a larger view of Getting Started with Accordance.

Although Getting Started with Accordance only covers Windows & Macintosh versions of Accordance, it can also be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad. Why would you want to do this? Well, some may find it helpful to view the instructions and videos on a separate device (especially an iPad) while simultaneously practicing the instructions on their Mac or Windows computer.

We have also created a new “Getting Started with Accordance” webpage to accompany the manual in Accordance. The web page contains only the videos, and you can watch them in the order they will appear in the module.

If you own any Accordance 12 Collection, including Starter, you can download Getting Started with Accordance today through Easy Install (Win: Utilities menu / Mac: Accordance menu). Then, check Content Updates regularly for new sections as we continue to update it.