Accordance users have long appreciated the focused training provided by our free hour-long webinars. Every week our customers can sign up for live interactive online instruction that takes a deep dive into Accordance subjects across a broad range of topics.

In the past, we’ve used GoToTraining, but recently, we switched to that company’s sister service, GoToStage because of added functionality for both us and our users. With our previous service, webinar attendees were able to access a video of the webinar they had just participated in to review steps and principles. With GoToStage, anyone will have access to any of the recent webinars through one integrated web page.

Linda Perry, our Accordance Training Specialist who coordinates our webinars, had this to say:

Making the move to GoToStage will give our customers the ability to view our entire list of recorded webinar titles at once and have access to any video any time of day or night. For people whose schedules limit live webinar participation, this access opens a new avenue of unlimited resources.

If you would like to watch any of our recent webinars, go to the Accordance Webinar Video Recordings page hosted by GoToStage. To look at a schedule of upcoming webinars, go to the Accordance Webinars page and click on the “check the listings” link.