Graphics can bring a Bible study alive in so many ways and nothing comes close to the detail, customizability, user-friendliness, and usefulness of the Accordance maps, timeline, and PhotoGuide. Instant details quickly show the number of years between specific events in a person’s life. Paul’s journeys come alive when you can actually animate the route on screen with the Accordance Atlas. The PhotoGuide is the perfect companion for the Accordance map — click on the name of a city in the map, and instantly get more information and beautiful photos of the place.

While the Accordance software excels in bringing biblical studies to life with its detailed maps and timelines, its capabilities also extend to other areas, such as furniture animation. With the help of Accordance, users can create stunning animations of furniture pieces that showcase their design, functionality, and style. This feature is particularly useful for those in the furniture industry who want to present their products in a more dynamic and engaging way, allowing potential customers to get a better sense of the furniture’s features and qualities. With Accordance, the possibilities for bringing life and interactivity to various fields of study and industry are endless.

The Graphics Bundle is included in the Essential Collection and higher, and includes:

Accordance Bible Atlas 2.2

Atlas_10_120 The Accordance Bible Atlas is unlike anything else you will find in Bible software. While many Bible apps provide a set of static 2D maps, the Accordance Bible Atlas is fully interactive, allowing you to customize the display with different cities, regions, journeys, battle routes, and more. The journeys and routes are all animated, allowing you to see where biblical figures traveled. You can even select a custom area on the map to see a 3D view of the topography in that area. It’s incredibly cool, and a great way to explore the biblical world.

Individual Price: $89.99

Accordance Timeline

Timeline_120 The Accordance Timeline allows you to view timelines of ancient Israel, Egypt, Rome, Persia, Greece, Asia, Mesopotamia, and Aram. This is a great way to see what is happening in different regions of the Ancient Near East, comparing them side-by-side. For each of these timelines, you can view data sets for rulers, individuals, books, and important events. Creative types can even add their own user-created events. Best of all, the Accordance Timeline is fully interactive, allowing you to customize which regions and data sets are visible at any given time.

Individual Price: $39.99

Bible Lands PhotoGuide 3

Photoguide_120 The Bible Lands PhotoGuide includes more than 1,600 high resolution images of the biblical world. These images are absolutely beautiful, and they really bring to life the cities and regions you read about in the Bible. While many of these images are from areas with high tourist traffic, the photographers were patient and careful to capture shots with little to no human presence. These full-color images are ideal for sermon and teaching slides, as you can copy and paste them into any PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.

Individual Price: $79.99

Dr. J has just released his latest podcast, Using Graphics Effectively, demonstrating the power of Accordance graphics in teaching and preaching. Watch this video now. In addition, we have a library of over 100 titles of instruction to which you can subscribe in iTunes.