Greek Judean Desert Manuscripts w/ReadMe Our “Closer Look” series of blog posts we’ve been posting this week has been designed to give a little bit of attention to all the new titles that were released in time for the ETS & SBL Conferences in November. That is such a busy time for us we often don’t get a chance to give as much focus on those new items as we would like.

Click on the image to the right to see a larger view of the Greek Judean Desert Manuscripts module for the Accordance Library.

If your interests lie in the literary background for biblical texts, you will want to take a look at our recently released Greek Judean Desert Manuscripts module, compiled by Emanuel Tov and Martin Abegg. This collection of documents includes all Greek fragments found in the Judean desert that were not part of the Dead Sea Scrolls or the Bible.

As described on our product page, these documents include the following:

Loans, Deeds of Sale, various Accountings, Marriage Contracts, Writs of Divorce, Deposits, Petitions, Summons, Crop Purchases, Letters, and a few Literary Texts. They mostly date to the time of the first and second Jewish Revolt. These documents might be thought of as the personal files and papers of the Jews who were hiding from the Roman authorities.

If you already have some of our other biblical and extra-biblical manuscript collections, the Greek Judean Desert Manuscripts make an excellent addition to your Accordance Library.


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