Ever wonder what separates a title in Accordance Bible Software from ebooks or even other Bible software platforms? In the video below, Abram Kielsmeier-Jones highlights four features of digital texts in Accordance:

  1. Hyperlinks, hyperlinks, hyperlinks!

  2. The expandable/collapsible Table of Contents sidebar

  3. Search Fields to better focus your search

  4. Advanced: Amplify/Research to get from the book you’re reading to the rest of your library

According to Abram, after mastering these features, “You’ll never read or study a work of theology or biblical studies the same way again. Accordance makes Kindle look like a codex.”

In addition to being a longtime Accordance user and a frequent instructor for our free Accordance webinars, Abram Kielsmeier-Jones is also Pastor of Union Congregational Church in Magnolia, Mass. He writes at Words on the Word: www.abramkj.com.