Dr. Timothy Jenney—known to his students and Accordance users alike as “Dr. J”—passed away on Sunday, April 30 from an acute form of leukemia.

A biblical scholar with a passion for Scripture and a love of teaching, Dr. J joined Accordance Bible Software in 2009 and very quickly became the public face of the company. During his ten years with Accordance, he produced the “Lighting the Lamp” video podcast, which offered everything from product overviews to training in specific features to more general Bible study lessons. He was active on the Accordance forums and was always ready to help Accordance users get the most out of the software.

At the annual conferences of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) and the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), Dr. J would plant himself at his demo station and patiently show prospective users how Accordance could help them with their research. He was always personable and enthusiastic, and as a scholar in his own right, he had a knack for anticipating resources people would eventually need. Consequently, the folks who sat down with him consistently made large purchases—and were happy about it!

On a more personal note, Tim was not the unabashed extrovert he appeared to be. After those long days of helping people face to face, he would generally withdraw to recharge. Behind his affable exterior, Tim had a deeply sensitive side not everyone got to see. We will miss him.

If you were blessed by Dr. J, please consider donating to his family’s GoFundMe to help defray expenses.

Among his writing credits, Dr. J wrote the commentary on Revelation for the Life in the Spirit Commentary. In his honor, we will offer that commentary at just $14 (80% off) for the next 30 days. After royalties & expenses are paid, all proceeds will go to the Jenneys’ GoFundMe.