JBC-2017_fan Accordance users have been requesting The Journal of Biblical Counseling for quite a while. We’re pleased to announce the JBC’s immediate release for Accordance, beginning today, with introductory pricing for a limited time.

The JBC began in 1977, first edited by Jay E. Adams, whose conviction was to create a professional journal for ministry professionals. In fact, the journal was called The Journal of Pastoral Practice until 1992. But with an increasing focus and need for content specifically on biblical counseling, the current title has been in place since 1993.

Today JBC is published by the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation, based out of Pennsylvania. The CCEF has a wide range of ministries, podcasts, and publications based around Christian counseling. No doubt the JBC will be invaluable to pastors, Christian counselors–both professional and lay–and anyone else regularly finding themselves helping others go through difficult times.

JBC will run on any of our four platforms, but we especially encourage users to install it on their mobile devices for quick access in the field.

JBC - iPad

From the publisher:

For 40 years, the Journal of Biblical Counseling of CCEF has provided a forum for biblical counseling’s development and application. The mission of the JBC is to develop clear thinking and effective practice in biblical counseling. We seek to do this through publishing articles that faithfully bring the God of truth, mercy and power to the issues that face pastoral ministries of counseling and discipleship.

Our past Senior Editor David Powlison writes, “CCEF works and prays to restore Christ to counseling—and to restore counseling to the church. The Journal of Biblical Counseling serves this mission as a publishing ministry of CCEF. We believe that true, life-explaining insight into people necessarily involves thinking Christianly. Loving, lasting help necessarily involves practicing ‘counseling’ as one aspect of consciously Christian ministry. The deeper you gaze into what actually goes wrong with people—the weight of our sins and sorrows—the more clearly you see that Jesus Christ is essential to making it right.”

The journal includes articles and reviews from CCEF faculty like David Powlison, Ed Welch, Michael Emlet, Winston Smith, Julie Lowe, and more. It also includes other authors in the field including Paul Tripp, Jay Adams, John Piper, Tim Keller, and more.

Accordance users can add all volumes from 1977 to 2017 (40 years) to their Accordance Library at introductory discounted pricing for a limited time.

Journal of Biblical Counseling
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