In our ongoing series of blog posts from our users, here’s a testimony from Jesse Dornfeld, a brand new Accordance user.

Jesse Dornfeld I wanted to share a story about how I’m using the Bible in new and exciting ways.

Around the beginning of the New Year, I saw there was a pretty big push from a number of church leaders on Twitter to read the Bible every day.

Reading my Bible regularly has shown a lot of fruit in my life, such as joy, peace and overall, just a better appreciation of life. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time looking into personality theories and the like that gave me a kind of satisfaction before I started to take my faith more seriously by reading the Word regularly. Naturally, my head goes straight to what the Bible says about personality.

I had heard there were other applications for doing Bible research, but the options I was looking into either was too expensive or didn’t really have what I want. I told my pastor I was looking into a Bible application program, and he said he had Accordance, so I decided to check it out. I didn’t want to purchase something without knowing what I was getting, so I decided to check out the Lite version of the application.

I discovered that even the Lite version of Accordance is loaded with great features! After spending some time with the program, I am learning more and more about it. By far, the biggest advantage to this program is that it is so easy to use and it is fast as lightning in terms of looking things up. Accordance Lite comes with ESV (with Strong’s tagging) for free, which made me realize how much unnecessary time I had previously been spending looking things up from the back of my physical Bible and such.

Since getting the full version of Accordance with the Greek and Hebrew Learner Collection, along with a few more titles I have picked up, I am finding things in the Word that I didn’t even know existed! Reading Proverbs is like a completely new experience now that I have the full version and access to the original language that the book was written in. It is truly a joy to have this application.

I look forward to adding more to my Accordance application. There is a lot of knowledge available with Accordance Bible Software. There are things to discover that can keep you learning more and more about God’s word for the rest of your life. I am surely an Accordance user for life!

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