JPS Haggadah cover w/drop shadow Just in time for Passover, we are pleased to announce the release of JPS Commentary on the Haggadah: Historical Introduction, Translation, and Commentary for the Accordance Library. This title, part of the JPS Bible Commentary series, offers the most thorough current examination of the haggadah tradition.

The haggadah (הַגָּדָה‎ “telling”) is a Jewish text that can be traced back to the Mishna, if not earlier, prescribing the order of the Passover Seder. In the foreword to The JPS Commentary on the Haggadah, David Stern comments, “Aside from the Bible, the Passover haggadah is probably the Jewish book most familiar to Jews. It is also, arguably, the single-most beloved Jewish text.” He notes that the haggadah has “an unrivaled place in Jewish culture, both religious and secular.”

Countless individuals have participated in Seder services for over three millennia, and the content of the service itself is a reminder of the historical roots of the Jewish faith. But where does this tradition originate? How much has it evolved over the centuries? What does it really mean? These are the questions that Joseph Tabory seeks to answer in The JPS Commentary on the Haggadah. An expert on the subject of the haggadah, Tabory is a professor of Talmud at Bar-Ilan University in Israel as well as an ordained Orthodox rabbi.

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Tabory traces the haggadah from its obvious roots in the Bible to the Mishna, and from there to the modern practice. In the section, “The Order of the Evening,” he provides a historical survey of traditions for each section of the Seder service. Then, Tabory offers a new translation of the haggadah in parallel with the Hebrew text, along with interspersed comments and the traditional instruction.

One finds it difficult to say any reference work is “the last word” on a subject, but The JPS Commentary on the Haggadah seems to come very close. Tabor’s attention to historical detail and seeming unwillingness to leave any anecdotal item relating to the subject unmentioned results in a commentary that is illuminating and anything but a dry read. Although there is a fair amount of Hebrew content in this work, it is still accessible to those who have never studied biblical languages thanks to Tabor’s consistent use of explanation and transliteration where necessary.

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The JPS Commentary on the Haggadah makes an excellent addition to the Accordance Library, regardless of one’s faith tradition. The Accordance edition of this work stands out because our developers have thoroughly examined and tagged all content according to one of the following fields: Hebrew Titles, English Titles, English Content, Scripture, Hebrew Content, Transliteration, Bibliography, Captions and Page Numbers. This detailed tagging allows the Accordance user to find the exact content he or she needs, quickly and efficiently.

Through April 22, 2016, Accordance users can purchase The JPS Commentary on the Haggadah at discounted introductory pricing.

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